Lose Weight – Be Free From Money Worries or Struggles – and Live Your Life With Smiles, Laughs and Choosing To Be Happy

Let me show you 5 quick and easy to use tips – that get you taking control of your life.




Video Transcription:

Overcome and break through what’s holding you back and achieve whatever you want; whether it’s a six-pack, a flat stomach, a certain body shape, or even a certain amount of income or happiness. This is what I’m going to show you through five simple steps to follow.

What is that invisible barrier that’s holding you back? That certain je ne sais quoi that’s just stopping you from making the actions or getting the achievements that you really want. With myself being a physique coach, business coach and entrepreneur myself, I’ve been able to see the patterns in others and also what I’ve done wrong before. And let me take you through so you can fast track your own success.

First off, this one isn’t sexy. It’s probably even not what you want to hear. But the truth is, you have to take 100% responsibility for your actions and for your successes including your failures. But hold up, what is failure? What really is the worst case outcome that can come from failing? And to me, failing is just giving up at the end of the day. Because realistically, what you need to be doing is getting back on your feet and getting on with the job. We all get hit down. We all take wrong steps along the way. But it’s the experience and being able to use those to take the next best steps along with your journey. So how does this relate to you getting in great shape? Firstly, it’s the environment that you’re in, the people that surround yourself with.

If you have friends and family that are giving you those snile little remarks, that are eating into you, planting those seeds of doubt. You might be sitting there and they’re going to be saying, “Why do you need to diet? Why do you need to lose weight? Why don’t you just have some chocolate?” These little things will grow when you spend more time around them. They can be hurting you from getting to the body that you want. Another important factor is your environment. For one example, if you think you’re going to give in to temptation and have that chocolate, dip your hand in the cookie jar, then get rid of it. Take it out of the house and remove what’s going to cause you from not being able to get the physique and the health that you really want. Spend time with people that are better than you, people that are going to uplift you and bring around positivity.

I love being around people that are better than me because realistically, I’m not that great at so many things. And by being around people that are succeeding at the things that I want to succeed at, I learned from them the quickest steps that I can take. I can model their actions all the way to where I want. Fourth point, commit to the process. You need to be chipping away, taking small steps each and every day. You might not find that you think that you’re making a large amount of progress but when you look back over time, you’ve succeeded and you got what you want. And the fifth point, being one that I think might be the most important is clarity. Do you know what you really want? If your goal is vague, then you’re not going to be driven to actually making it happen. If it’s “I want to lose weight”, then I don’t think you really know what you want. Maybe it’s you need to be more specific and you know when you need to be able to achieve that goal by, then you can work all the way to make it happen. So to wrap it into a nutshell, you need to: One, take responsibility for what you’re doing. You and you alone are responsible for the actions and success that you have. Two, surround yourself with great exceptional people that are going to give you positivity and help you along the way. And third, you need to put yourself in the right environment. You need to make sure that you set yourself up for automatic success. Fourth point, you need to commit to the process.

Make sure you follow through each and every day, not giving yourself any justification to make the wrong steps. And five, have clarity. Know exactly what you want to have laser focus to make it happen. I want you to have success. Because if I know you have success, then you’re able to help more people; and that’s exactly what I want to do myself. So make sure that you hit subscribe because I want to keep giving you these videos with tips and plans to get you into the physique and health that you want.

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