Just this morning, I had a coaching call with a new 150-Accelerator member and it totally frustrated me….


This member has not reached out and has been to scared to start his online business, because he was asking the same questions I hear so many other trainers, coaches and health professionals ask all over th world.


“isn’t the online fitness world saturated, aren’t there already millions of people doing this?”


The fact is… Yes.



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The online fitness world is saturated, but… its not competitive, and this just means you need to have your uniqueness and its clear message go to the exact right people you want, and you can easily have the clients coming to you and signing on.


And the most important step to blowing away your competition and carving the slice of online fitness world to yourself is that you need have your ‘uniqueness’.


How To Have Online Personal Training Clients Coming To You.


The success of you and your online business comes down to you having the right people know what you do, and that they know and trust you give them the solution that they need.


If you’re thinking about wanting to have your own online fitness business… Then follow these steps:


Now there is a good chance you’re here with me because you want to break from The time for money trap is what us personal trainers get stuck in when we follow the main stream, guru advice and what you get from the PT schools.  Trading your time for money is flawed, and it’s only from having to crawl out of it myself and now being able to live here in Bali and give this to you, and better than that…


You’re feeling the constant weight of not doing exactly what you want to be, you want to be able to have more


  • Freedom and time off to do the things you want.
  • You want more money to live the lifestyle you want
  • And you want to make more an impact to the world, you want to help more people


But the problem is that the traditional, old school way of how personal trainers build their business is flawed, it’s a lie.



This is the first weeks work that I do with my 150-Accelerator clients, and this is why I’m starting with this for you. This is one of the most critical parts, because from everything that we do in this episode will affect everything moving forward.


Watching and coaching trainers all over the world build their own dream fitness business, I get to have the upper hand on what works and what doesn’t.



Let’s start with 3 questions you have to answer:


  1. What’s going to separates you from your competitors?
  2. Why is someone going to pay you over someone else?
  3. What’s going to attract people to you?


And this is also why you can download the worksheet I have for you to work through this, as this is going to straight forward for what you need to cover and your best next steps.


These are just a few questions, and truthfully I’ve shot multiple hours of coaching just on this point alone, when trainers and coaches come on board, this is the first weeks work on getting this right.


That’s why I want to make sure you get this right, and that it’s the first step for you.  As your uniqueness, has to come through all of your messaging, all of your social media, your facebook, instigram, snapchat, your emails, your videos, articles conversations, any marketing material.  This simple message of your uniqueness needs to be clear in.


Simply put what we need to get to right now, is standing in the shoes of your potential client – why are they going to choose you over everyone else. And this is where you have to be really upfront and honest.


This comes to what’s called a USP – which is just a unique selling proposition, so I want to walk you through right now how to craft your very own uniqueness, and then its about having that in a nice clean and easy to understand message and then being able to get that out to the right people.


Which then means your attracting in people to you, and clients are coming to you.


Firstly to create your USP (unique selling proposition) we need to start with the market, the audience, the people that you want to be working with and helping. You need to get super clear on who are you helping and what are their pains, what are their fears and what are the true problems they need solving and solutions that they need.


This is where I want you to understand the people you are helping so in depth that you can finish their sentences. List down all the charateristcs and answers to these questions, you should end up with a good page or more of notes that really highlight and show you what they need help with, and where you can give them what’s needed.


Then make a list of all the needs that your product or service could meet, as these are attributes all potential USPs – then its time to go and do some research.


This is where you want to go and look at your competitors and see what is already being served. What are they doing really well, what uniqueness messages are already being done, what do you not like that you are seeing and how can you take all of this and put this into your own message.


This is at least an hour’s job of truly going through your market, starting with google, but looking into amazon with the top books, and even the reviews section what are people liking and not liking. Then even into social media, what are the influencers saying and what are people engaging with.


Even going to a site like buzzsumo.com which will show you the most shared and engaged pieces of content, so you can quickly see what are people initially wanting.


From here I want you to image you are in the elevator and someone asks you “what do you do?”… this is where you have a short time to give a precise message so they understand what you do, who you do it for and what makes you different.


Once you feel like you have got this down, then its testing time. This is when you can go to your current clients, potential clients, friends, family and colleagues and run it by them. Watch for what their reaction is like, tell them to be honest with you as ultimately if they just try to be nice and lie its going to hurt you long term.


This is where you can go back to the drawing board and finally decide on what it is that your uniqueness is and how you are going have this message weave throughout all your social media, videos, articles, sales pages and everything you produce.


This is why you need to get clear, and this is so important it is literally the first 7-days of work I do with all my business clients. Getting laser focused so the action steps that lead after that are streamlined, and why we can make such big results in such a short amount of time.


How To Design Your Perfect Fitness Business Model.


So let me walk you through the 4 questions that you need to answer to start the design of your business and your life:


  • What do you want to be doing?
  • Where do you want to be doing?
  • Why do you want to be doing?
  • With whom do you want to be doing it with?


This is going to cut to the chase, and give you the outline for what it is that your business needs to be structured on.  As this is going to answer, does owning a gym fit into this? Does me selling nutritional supplements fit into this? Does online personal training fit into this?

…only you can answer this, and once you have the platform in which you are confident in knowing that all your hard work is going to pay off with a business that gives you the money, freedom and impact you want.


The Best Next Steps:

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  2. Now to make this really work for you, I want you to join the private group that is the fitness business success circle. This is where I want you to pop in, ask all your questions and also post your USP. So I can come in and help you where you want it. Once you join to get access to the episode in step-1, you’ll be sent the private link to join the group.