Online Fitness and Personal Trainer Marketing is a cinch when you use these simple steps…

…You first have to get your head around that this needs to be a major focus of your fitness business.

To make sure that the time which you spend promoting online is not wasted, I’ve created a sensible quick guide. My tips are designed to help you create a social media marketing plan which is successful and targeted.

This is ONLY for the serious personal trainers and coaches

That get results with their clients.

Because if you want to:

  • Have clients coming to you… rather than you chasing them.
  • Charge what you’re worth… and not trying to be ‘cheap’
  • Want a simple process to sign on new clients that you can trust.


So you can have a fitness business that lasts for the long-term, that gives you security, more freedom and has you doing the work you love.

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HERE is the link for the free coaching workshop as mentioned in the episode.

But first, you need to break free from the “time-for-money” trap.

The traditional ‘personal training business model’ is set up around you selling your time.  And as I wrote in my book Your First 100 Clients, the quote from Tony Robbins;

“Don’t sell your time for money… It’s the worst trade in the world.”

This was the BIG mistake I was making for years.

Good News:

You can quickly make these changes.

That includes creating a business model that gives you the lifestyle you want.

For example in this episode we talk about a simple 3-tier coaching that earns $428,000 a year.

Its time to find out exactly what you need to be doing so that you can wake up each morning and know the few key things that you need to do to accelerate your business and without any of the confusion.

You can get FREE access to coaching session walking you through step-by-step what you need to do to build your own “ultimate fitness business” HERE.