There’s no doubt about it, you’re wondering ‘how you can be signing on more clients… and have them coming to you?’

This is why I just did a coaching call with a group of trainers, and want to share it with you.

As from over the past few months, I’ve had a common theme of questions come through…

“How do I get more personal training client leads?”

There’s one major problem with this question.

Its the WRONG questions to be asking.

Thats why in this coaching episodes I’m going to walk you through how to have a ‘predictable selling system’ so that you are;

Signing on new clients each each.
– Having the right type of clients come to you.
– Charging what you are worth.
– Never being stressed again about where your next clients are coming from.


[Watch the full episode here]


And, let’s be honest…

You’ve got a 101 things that you could be doing… Scrolling through Facebook and the interwebz, there’s plenty of people regurgitating the tactics to build your business.

But – this is where I want you to understand the strategy behind whats going to build your ultimate fitness business.

And this is why, when trainers are just wanting more; followers, likes, and leads.

They are wasting their time, because they arn’t able to turn them into clients.

And this is what I want you to create for yourself with this episode.

An engine to sign on new clients each week.

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