Are you getting fatter with The Paleo Diet?


Following the Paleo Diet gives you an EXCELLENT basis to work off…


…But there’s ONE common problem that I see a lot of people falling prey to.


Trying to turn every meal into a ‘paleo meal’ that’s also a treat or snack.


This really goes completely against what the paleo diet is grounded from.  Eating meats, vegetables, fruit and nuts, that in my pint of view should be…


… in their wholesome form.


This is to give you the best fat burning, muscle feeling results.


The fact is that if your trying to get in ‘paleo brownies’ or ‘paleo protein balls’ throughout each day, your making your life harder, and probably finding yourself frustrates with the lack of fat loss.


You could even be gaining fat!


This comes down to your eating a lot more fat, and total food that you think you really are.


Most paleo recipes are made with a lot of nuts and fruits being the main ingredients.  This is calorie dense food when its all processed together to make a treat or snack.


How To Make Paleo Snack Burn Fat & Not Gain Fat


Don’t go over board with them.


Use them as a treat that can be once to a couple of times a week.


I’ve include two recipes below that you can use that are based of giving you the range of protein, fats, fiber and carbs that each of your meals should be made of.


Going to town on nuts, nut butter, nut flours, honey, sweeteners, agave syrup, dried fruit, and then not having enough protein and especially fiber can give you a super calorie dense snack, that doesn’t end up satisfying your hunger.


This just has you eating a whole batch just to feel full… 1000 calories later.


And YES… calories are no the be all and end all of getting in shape and burning fat, but you can still easily over eat on ‘good’ or ‘clean’ foods and get fatter.


I don’t want you making the right choice in starting to follow the Paleo Diet to only sabotage your fat loss with Paleo snacks and treats.


Can I Eat Paleo Snacks?


Yes, for sure.


I don’t want to kill the fun out of it.  Replacing crappy foods with paleo snacks is a GREAT choice, and when you keep it in moderation, as it should.  Your going to lose weight and help feed muscle.


Use these two recipes that I have for you, that are a bit of a favourite of mine.


Just remember, don’t go over board, keep eating to the sounds nutrition advice that I give and especially with the 9 Secret Steps To Fat Loss, and your going to want to parade around nude because your loving your physique so much.



Paleo Berry Muffins - Chris Dufey "The Fat Loss Pro"


Paleo Raw Chocolate - Chris Dufey "The Fat Loss Pro"



Want More Paleo Fat Loss Recipes?


Tell me what your looking for, by commenting below and I will whip up the most popular requests!