Want to have the straight to the point, no more fuss insights, tactics and stratagies that you can use today to build your “ultimate fitness business”…?

You’ve probably asked yourself “Am I Doing It Right?”

When it comes to you building a fitness business that has you doing what you love, and gives you the lifestyle and income you want at the same time.

This is why I bring on AJ Rivera, where we hit it off and nail on the head the things you can being today that REALLY matter.

We dive into:

* How to make “selling” easy and stress free.
* Why we DON’T recommend you try being cheap, and rather focus on being the best.
* How to attract the best clients, that you love working with… and avoiding the ‘energy vampires’.
* Why video is SO important now.
* The big changes with the online world, and how you need to keep up with the changes… or risk being left behind!

[Watch full episode here]