I just got off a Skype consultation with a trainer that wants to join the 90-Day Accelerator program, and it really annoyed me.

This is what made me cringe….

Tim (not his real name) is about 2-steps from having to quit being a personal trainer and go find a “real job” that’s a 9-to-5.  Slaving hours away in an office, to be able to get a pay cheque each week and put his ‘passion’ on hold.

He’s spent the last 2 years trying everything from; writing blog posts, shooting some YouTube videos, posting on Instagram, trying Facebook ads and challenges, doing letterbox drops… And saying on our call that really he’s just been confused with “what to actually do, to sign on new clients”.

Let me ask you:

  • Are you a serious personal trainer that gets results with your clients?
  • Are you confused about what to do to sign on new clients?
  • Do you want to launch your online coaching program?
  • Do you want to break free from the “time-for-money” trap and build a business that has you earning the money you’re worth, impacting more people and having the freedom of lifestyle you want?

If you answered yes… Then I’m writing this post for YOU!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this post is going to ruffle some feathers and even bring out some hate, and so it should…

…because you’re most likely reading this being frustrated by following all the mainstream and ‘guru’ advice – and its NOT working.

You’re selling your most precious asset and that’s your time.  And the truth is, the traditional Personal Training business model is flawed.

It’s the exact quote I put into my book Your First 100 Clients.

“Dont Sell Your Time For Money… It’s The Worst Trade In The World”
Tony Robbins.

There only a certain number of clients you can see in a day, and only a certain amount you can earn…. And then you hit the ‘success ceiling’ and can’t break through.

Then there’s the freedom factor…

Being able to to live the lifestyle and have the fun you want whilst impacting people with your passion for health and fitness.

So, let me introduce you to the coaches around the world that are building lifestyle businesses and earning over $20,000 per month by following some simple steps that you can copy from today.

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So, you need to ask yourself;

Do you want to build an Online Fitness Business, or In-Person Personal Training… or both?

The truth is… you can very easily and realistically be earning over $100,000 a year with an online or in-person fitness business. The question really is, “how big do you want to make it?” – From here its just following the right steps to make it happen.

Are you confused with what to do next?

That’s why I want to introduce you to Aaron.To peel back the curtain of where he was at, the EXACT plan that we put together to now him having total clarity on the steps he takes each week to grow his fitness business.

AND… he’s gone from $300 to OVER $20,000 per month with his fitness business.

[Watch the full episode with Aaron as we break down each step]

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One of the most common questions trainers and coaches ask is…

“Isn’t the fitness industry saturated?”

The answer is YES!

It is saturated… you have a HUGE amount of competition, and if you don’t stand out from the crowd you will drown and your clients will go to your contenders.

This however doesn’t worry me, and my members because you are able to easily stand head and shoulders above 99% of the other trainers by having the simple steps in place, and using what works to attract, convert clients and deliver results for everyone of them.

The fitness industry is NOT competitive.

This is just where you need to stop being so ‘vanilla’ and have the few simple steps set up so that you have clients coming to you.  Rather than you having to chase them.  You have to be a good trainer, you need to be skilled and knowledgeable to get your clients results, and that’s why I show my members how to do this along with building the business they want.


And to do this, you have to be honest with yourself…

Do you want to;

  • Have clients coming to you ready to pay you what you are worth?
  • Stop being stuck in the time-for-money trap and be able to start living a life that’s not trapped in your schedule?
  • Start and build an Online Personal Training business to be on the side or your full-focus?
  • Have a gym with full-capacity of members?
  • Charge what you are worth… even running fitness retreats to earn $10-20k for a week?
  • Have the systems in place, so your business runs, even if you steps away from it?


If you said yes to even one of these… then stop lying to yourself and making up excuses as to why you can’t have this within the next few months.


I believe in personal training – having a coach is whats needed to have certainly and fast-track results. I tell me physique coaching clients that “its your job to be the athlete, and follow the plan, its my job to be the expert and give the needed guidance and advice”.

Same goes for business coaching, and you wanting to build your success — its your job to go invest in the guidance, advice and learn what you need to be doing, so that you can go do that. It was when I first started to truly invest in myself and my business to learn what needed to be done to create the results I wanted, that it all started to happen..

Its to easy for Personal Trainers to coast on by — if you have been in the game even for a little while, you know that having a few clients can easily have you earning more money than your friends and family.

However there is…

…NO security, foundation or longevity with this coasting on by, because what happens, which I’ve seen time and time again, that trainers struggle with the fact they lose a client then go scrambling to find another to replace the spot – there is always a reactive nature, and you end up with high-stress, and no freedom


Ask Yourself…

  • How long can you keep going with the stress, frustration and lack of security with your work?
  • Are you happy with your income, amount of clients, reputation, lifestyle… or do you want more?
  • Are you going to be doing what you’re doing now when your 50?

When members join the 90-Day Sprint and why you can watch the free coaching session on “how to double your fitness business in the next 30-days” HERE.  Our first task (and what I want for you now)  to get crystal clear on what life you want to live, what you want to be worlds best at, how much freedom you want, where you want to live, how much money you want to earn, whats been stopping you from getting there already.

…then its putting together the steps just like train tracks to take you from where you are now, to where you want to go.

Now, lets go back to the problem we talked about at the start –


What’s The Future Of Personal Training


It’s all a lie.

We got told when we first started that we would “be our own boss” and “work our own hours”…

This quickly turns into us doing split shifts from morning until night and not being able to have the security or lifestyle we truely wanted.


Going through your PT certifications, and following the ‘guru’ advice, you have to ask yourself

“am I going down the wrong path – do I need to change?”…

..and the answer is, Yes.

The industry is changing and the benefit is, I can give you an inside sneak peak on whats working and whats not working from a world-wide scale by knowing whats going on with all the Personal Trainers I work with and that are my members.

Have you thought about starting an online personal training business — not sure where to start? or how you can make it work?

That’s exactly why I’m giving free access to the coaching session I did to over 100 coaches.  And you can watch it by Clicking HERE.

You’re putting all your eggs in a basket that could fall and break at any second — and do you really want you future hanging on by the thread like that. It slapped me in the face when my daughter was born, I had a family now to take care of, and my business needed to succeed and provide.

One-on-one training is still getting the clients results with the premium training offers, however, its failing us fitness pro’s, the ones who struggle to have a steady income stream week to week whilst we work hard to change and transform the bodies and lives of our clients.

It gets worse…

You’re selling your most precious asset and that is your time. You’re in the time-for-money trap as I was before I had to make the change, and like so many other coaches and trainers were before they realised and noticed they had to change directions.

As well as selling your time, which means you can only ever see a certain amount of clients per week, or even per day — this caps your success and how much you can earn.

Now… You being here and taking the time to read this article means you’re wanting more.

More clients, more money, more success, more freedom… and I want you to get you started so you can make this happen right now for free.

I put together the exact step-by-step approach to build your online fitness business and charge what you are worth avoid the overwhelm in just 30-days HERE.

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If this really resonated with you, and your wanting more of this to transition to a ‘personal trainer 2.0 model’, for more money freedom and impact.

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