How can you go from grinding out early morning and late personal training sessions 6-days a week

to now sitting in a home office in a villa having total freedom of what to do and when to do it…?


If you have told me that not long ago, I would have laughed and only thought it could be a pipe

dream… truth is, thats the life I live now.


You can go from where you are now to earning the money you want and having the freedom and

lifestyle by having the business you own set up properly, and thats what I want to show you.


Being the ‘mediocre’ trainer that was scraping by on picking up clients and struggling to

breakthrough on having fitness business that meant I could take some time off and not lose money,

plus not worrying about where my next client was or how to fill a gap in my time slot.


The common problems that as a personal trainer you are probably facing with right now.


Truth is the only thing I did was pulled my finger out, studied every business book, learnt from the

best coaches and mentors, failed and made 100s of mistakes and then created what works to grow

a fitness business both online and face to face.


Burning through everyday and having the constant grind of sessions and lack of security with your

monthly income, plus the lack of freedom… trust me I get it. And that’s exactly why I had to get out

of it.


After so many other coaches seeing the transformation I did on my businesses and seeing that I

built successful fitness businesses in Sydney, Dubai and now living in Bali running 3 online

businesses, I got a flood of emails and facebook messages with “how did I do it?”

There is no big secret to making it happen, its all about taking action and using the right steps and

methods to make see results.

If you don’t have the fitness business giving you the money, freedom or lifestyle you want, then you

simply just need to follow through on it.


It’s in the accumulation of a bunch of small techniques, ideas, and

fitness business strategies that add up to a powerful marketing

campaign and business strategy. So to deliver all of this information

on this site on very consistent basis. And when I say “consistent,” I

mean almost daily. And the fitness business marketing tools that I

provide aren’t things that are going to take years and your entire

marketing budget to implement. They are affordable, effective

ideas that you can start doing today to grow your fitness business.

I put the effort now in showing and coaching trainers like you how to

grow a fitness business to give you the success you want, and that

means going above and beyond just marketing tactics, its about

developing you into the successful entrepreneur and strategies that

grow your reputation, client book and profits.


The ‘foundation’ steps to use right now:


1. Take action on at least 1 business growth method per day.


2. Develop your Unique Selling Proposition so you have clients

coming to you.


3. Develop relationships with other successful fitness business

owners and give them value.


4. Learn the steps and methods to grow your business from a

coach or mentor. (just like a weight loss client needs a PT, you

need a business coach to get you results).


5. Learn and use personal trainer marketing and read great books

like Dan Kennedy “The ultimate sales letter”.


6. Meditate each day and create a habit of it. Its no secret that so

many successful people work wide use some sort of meditative



7. Go above and beyond with giving value to your clients. Over



8. If you’re unsure with how to grow your fitness business, or what

next steps are – then get the free online workshop where I show

you how to Start and Grow Your Online Personal Training Business In Just 30-Days For Free HERE

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