It’s finally here…

The exact 3-steps that are the foundation to you growing a thriving, hugely profitable and freedom giving online fitness business.

It sounds to good to be true?

That’s what the numerous trainers and coaches thought until they used it and got the results for themselves.

This is taking the actual coaching and insights I give to me own Pro Circle members and giving you in the blow by blow guidance so you can start and build your online business today.


0:38 Episode intro
4:00 What does a successful business mean to you?
6:54 Step 1 – Develop yourself
7:50 Ways you can invest in yourself
10:26 How and where do you spend your time?
12:14 Step 2 – Build a team
13:34 Activity inventory – your homework to getting to know where to spend time on
14:29 Step 3 – Work on your offer
15:13 Know your audience inside and out
16:32 Automate and systematize
19:33 You’ve heard it, now it’s your turn – take action!
20:02 Check out 1 one 1 consultation with me

If this really resonated with you, and your wanting more of this to transition to a ‘personal trainer 2.0 model’, for more money freedom and impact.

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