You wanted to be a Personal Trainer to have freedom and change lives…

…but all to often the freedom falls apart, and your stuck struggling to get clients and build a “real” fitness business that gives you security, money and a future.


This is why I want to show you how to boom your fitness business from today, and clear out the frustration as to how to grow a successful fitness career.  This comes from me having to go through the mistakes and “in the trenches” learning, proving it again and again with the ‘Pt Success Formula’ members and now you can copy the steps.

In order to help you get more from your fitness business, let’s discuss three tips which are proven winners…


Do a “Modern” Business Plan
If you start your fitness business on the fly, without giving much thought to the details, it may be time to backtrack, get thinking and crunch the numbers. What you should determine is how much it costs to run your business versus what you’re currently making. If your profit isn’t high enough to give you a good standard of living, the numbers that you’ve compiled will form the basis for change.

For example, if you spend too much money on fitness supplies or a lot of money on rent at a gym or studio, haggle with fitness supply vendors or find a cheaper venue for your training. Running a business yourself means paying vigilant attention to the bottom line.  You need to know your numbers i your business, but this does not mean it taking up hours of your time each week – its a 10min exercise to cover everything when done right.

A business plan exposes the strengths and weaknesses of a business, right from the very start. All savvy entrepreneurs make business plans and do market research before they open their doors. However, it’s never too late to benefit from crunching the numbers and analyzing your business.

…this isn’t about making a fitness business plan that is all formal.  This is about getting into the questions that outline and make it clear to you. A couple off the top of my head are:


  • What is the business model you are going to use?
  • Are you face-to-face or online fitness business… or both?
  • Who are the ‘exact’ people you want as customers and clients — your target market?
  • How are you going to get in-front of them?
  • How are you going to get your message to them, so they know-like-trust you?
  • What are the goals and targets for you and your business for a weekly, monthly yearly level?
  • What are the steps for people to sing on into your program, and how do you keep them around forever?
  • How do you orchestrate referrals?
  • Whats the exit plan?


There;s plenty more, but this gets the ball rolling for you. The quality of your answers come from the quality of your questions.  A little bit of thinking and researching time here will be off big.


Consider Your Rates and Client Numbers


If you can’t realistically lower overhead enough to make an appreciable difference, you will need to charge more for your services or get more clients. Since there are only so many hours in a day, there are only so many clients that you can train.

…or look at changing your business model.  It could be better to focus on semi-private training, or is it time to bring on trainers to work fro you.  I know from myself and multiple ‘PT Success Formula’ members that once a few trainers have com on board, and you’re building a team, everything becomes easier and growth with new clients boom.

Becoming a ‘premium’ level service is something I recommend a lot when talking to personal trainers.  Not being the cheapest but being the best and getting paid according to that.

As you can see, thinking about how many clients to take on and how much to charge is very helpful. There are different solutions to the problem of high overhead, and one of them may be just right for you.


Start an Online Coaching Program


It may be possible to generate more income, without actually needing to be there, by creating an online coaching program. In addition, you may wish to sell information products online, such as e-books. If you do have room for more clients, promote online and in your community in order to attract them.

Having tons of programs, diet templates and info that is worth pure gold to potential customers and clients, I was able to set up my first online coaching program quickly.  Now you can get all the systems and steps when you join ‘PT Success Formula’, but you can start by putting together that you have and creating an online personal training program that can deliver results to people world wide.

…This ‘bigger’ thinking gets you freedom and added income whilst growing a business that can work without you having to be there 24/7. To many trainers think small, and that this “might be to hard”.  Its not… and I show you how below.


Want To Double Your Clients and Online Income?  Let me show you how on the next page…

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