Do you want a flood of new personal training clients in the next 14-days?

But, even more importantly…

Do you want to have clients coming to you.  So you’re not having to chase them…?

Not having the tyre-kickers or energy vampires, but instead the exact type of clients that you want to training that make each day a dream..

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There’s a two sided coin that most health professionals want answers (and this could be you).

  1. You want a quick boost for your business.  So you can see fast results, and take the stress out the day-to-day work for you.  And…
  2. You want to create a business that last for the long term.  A ‘real’ fitness business that gives you time and freedom so you’re not stuck in the “time-for-money trap”.

Because when I ask most trainers and coaches, do you want to be doing the same thing you’re doing now in 2, 5, or even 10 years for now.  They say NO.

They don’t want to be running the same business, same business model and doing the same work when they’re 40 or 50.

This is why I gather a group of switched-on trainers and coaches, so we go through “the 14-Day New Clients Blitz Challenge”.

You get access to:

  • The 14-day step-by-step guide for knowing exactly what to easily follow through so you have clients coming to you.
  • The 2 proven to convert email template that you can just plug-in and use to re-ignite new clients.
  • The landing and sales page to use straight away (in your click-funnels account) to take all “tech stuff” slowdown away, so you have a full sales funnel working within days.
  • The easiest to use sales and message script so you’re not being ‘salesy’… so you’re never confused over how to sign on new clients.
  • Access to the private group and coaching episodes walking you through each step, by also joining the other trainers and coaches to give you the support you can’t get anywhere else.

Literally walking you through how to get the boost of new clients…

And then –

Knowing the exact steps to continue building your ultimate fitness business and not being left with even more questions.

If you’re serious about your future, your career and your business… Then I invite you to join us in the next challenge.

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Looking forward to you joining us.