Do you feel like you are stuck…?


You’re following the main stream advice – everything you’ve been told to do and you’re working hard, but not getting the clients, you don’t have the freedom you want and you’re getting more frustrated by the day.


Sound familiar?


Yes!  I know exactly how you feel, and this is what I hear every week from numerous trainers and health professionals, though there is good news and bad news.



The Bad News:


The online health and fitness world is saturated.


The Good News:


Its NOT competitive, and if you are serious about building your ultimate business to give you the freedom, income and ability to have the positive impact then let me show you how.


Right now I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through how to avoid the One Biggest Mistake and the 2-steps you can use today to fix it… and when I say ‘fix it’.  I mean you changing what’s keeping you in that rut and being able to day by day build your dream business and lifestyle.


I’m writing this sitting at 35,000ft above the ground, comfortable in the airplane seat flying back to Bali after presenting at a business event in Melbourne.  What absolutely stunned me was the recurring theme of all the questions I was getting asked, and it’s what I’m seeing all over the world.  And it’s all about being ‘stuck’ and trying so many things, working hard and just not getting anywhere when it comes to signing on new clients, making sales or earning more money or freedom.


And this is all because of the One Biggest Mistake that causes you to chase your tail and not finally grab hold of the success you’re looking for.


The truth is, this photo of myself and my eldest daughter is what I’m talking about.  For me my family is a huge part of what I define as success. Or rather the time we have together, the experiences we can have together and being around for the every day ‘stuff’. Money and finances are a slice of the pie when it comes to defining your success, and yes it is important, but its not the whole thing.  Freedom is a large slice of the pie that is what I wanted to create for myself.  This photo was taken on a very average Wednesday, around 11am after I’d picked my daughter- Arlo up from play school. She wanted to go and build sandcastles at the beach. And I happily could take her and spend the afternoon goofing around.


Chris Dufey 1 Chris Dufey 2


















Now this doesn’t mean all day everyday is like this, far from it, but its being able to design your day and your life to how you want it. It’s about not being held to other people’s schedules and it’s certainly not what time I have to be seeing clients.  The main quote in which I based my book off, from Tony Robbins himself was;


“don’t sell your time for money, it’s the worst trade in the world” – Tony Robbins


This is the massive mistake I want you to avoid, being stuck in the time for money trap and having a flawed business model in which you are working so hard at, because it could completely fail at giving you what you want.


Why is the traditional personal training model flawed, when it comes to your income, freedom and lifestyle changes? It’s because you’re stuck in the time for money trap. We know there is only a certain amount of hours in the day, there are only a certain amount of clients you can see each day, and there really is a premium amount of money you can only charge each client. So, the traditional personal training model has a massive ceiling. There is only so much you can charge, and so many sessions you can do. If you are one of the ‘successful’ trainers who is booked out week to week, it is only a matter of time before you run yourself into the ground.


This is the real truth, and why it was a slap to the face for me.


By all scorecards I was a hugely successful Personal Trainer in Dubai. I had a full book of personal training clients within 2 weeks of touching down, I had trainers working for me and begging to work for me, I was charging a premium; but, the 2 biggest problems were- I started to lose my passion for health and fitness, and I was missing out on too much time with my family.  I knew I couldn’t live my life like this anymore.


I was driving, or rather racing home on Sheik Zayed Road which is the main road in Dubai after a full day of clients from leaving home at 5.30am. I was trying to get home in time so I could give my baby girl the bottle and spend some time with her before she went to sleep. I was so upset when I got home and she’d already gone to sleep. I wasn’t being the dad I wanted, the husband or man I wanted. I couldn’t see that set up of business giving me the long term security and lifestyle that I wanted.


I wanted to live around the world and move at will. My wife and I love to travel and I wanted to be able to have our whole family come with me and we all experience it together. So I knew it had to change and it was literally that moment that I got back home and I knew I had to build my online business. I committed to learning everything possible, I went out and made all the mistakes to get me to where I am now. I want to share what I’ve learnt, make it a lot faster, easier and pain free for you.


The One Biggest Mistake…


…that’s holding you back is a lack of clarity.


Not knowing what you really want to achieve, and then not knowing what it really is that you need to be doing to make that happen.


It’s not a lack of willpower, or effort on your part.  It’s just simply being able to follow through with what’s proven to work.


So let me take you through what the two steps are for you to take…


Firstly, you need to know exactly what you want.


Every client that comes on board I ask how much money do you want to make, as its simply finding out what’s needed to make that happen and putting the steps in place to do it quickly and efficiently.

I also ask to see where their self belief sits with their financial capacity.  As I do see it as my job to help my clients break through that ceiling and its simply by showing them what’s truly possible, and having them achieve it.


Making money isn’t everything, but it is important, and you need to know how much you want, in order to make it.  The best exercise you can do after this video is finding out what your perfect lifestyle expenses are. In your ideal life, what does everything cost, lay it all out, food, homes, charity, travel, living, education.


Secondly you need to simply use the science of achievement, and this is just modelling.


Modelling success. Knowing where you are, where you want to go, and being able to model what someone has proven to work, that has taken those steps, that knows the details, already made the mistakes.


And really shows you the map that you need to follow – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel that’s hard, what’s easier is learning from what’s proven to work and take those steps.


The truth is, it’s 100% your responsibility.


The best next step if your serious about finding out what you need to be doing, is to watch the 7-Exact Steps To Go From ‘Zero to a Thriving’ Online Business.


This is where I give you the full-length episode, breaking down the steps so its in the plain English version of what you can start doing today.