Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to “what” and “how” to build your fitness business…?
There is no doubt, that it can be confusing when you have 101 different options from; shooting videos, writing articles, which social media platforms to use, how to grow your following, will facebook ads work for you… and the list goes on.
I’m on the other side.
This episode I’m getting interviewed by Mark Luxon who runs multiple fitness businesses including gyms, studios and co-owner of FMA Strength Institute.
We blend the strengths of me knowing personal training and online business with Mark’s expertise in gyms, studios and face-to-face coaching to open up the Fitness Business Breakthrough.
If you’re interested in learning more, and reversing your spot in the next Fitness Business Breakthrough workshops, click HERE.
In this episode, we uncover:
  • Why so many Personal Trainers are NOT achieving the business success, and signing on the clients they want.
  • The 3 most important steps each trainer, coach and health professional needs to have in place to have clients coming to them.
  • The truth to how your business really needs to be set up, so you can have the money, freedom and impact you want
  • Plus a lot more…

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