Do you suffer from stubborn fat?


The type of fat that when you see in the mirror or put on certain clothes make you cringe…


…knowing that you have been trying to hard to burn it off, but it doesn’t budge.


You’re not alone, and let me tell you how Dina my client has transformed herself from disliking certain body parts to LOVING herself.


Before we jump into how Dina has done it, I want to make one point that’s very important.


Stubborn fat to many people isn’t actually stubborn.  You’re just not following the right plan, and your body doesn’t want to lose the weight quickly.


If you truly are eating to a proper plan like you can get HERE for free, and training with the right workouts that are specific for fat loss then its time learn more about the fabulous Dina and her transformation.


Being blessed with Dina coming to me, she immediately made the point that she wanted to lose weight, and especially from her hips and thighs.


Dina's Transformation is a total body and life re-haull.

Dina’s Transformation is a total body and life re-haull.


To really no great surprise, this is what most women want to change, and you will learn why further down.


I got her plan written and ready to rock, with her only training 3x a week because she has a busy work schedule travelling a lot.  Her meal plan that she started out with is outlined in my published stubborn fat book, that you can quickly get as an ebook HERE.


I will tip my cap to Dina, because she stuck to the plan



Dina prepared her meals and was great with getting herself planned for the next day.  This is one of the major factors that I see with all transformation clients, once they follow my advice.  To prepare food ahead of time you can easily stick to what’s needed, and the weight falls off.


Being on the road and travelling with her work, food preparation was even more important.


I hear numerous times that people just cant do this, don’t have the time, they don’t…excuse, excuse, excuse.  Dina did it, she had all the excuses under the sun to use, but didn’t.


The training was phenomenal as she came into her workouts ready rearing to go, and I could tell she gave it her all.


I know she will admit, she wasn’t the greatest at the start, but that’s not the point.  She crushed it with her effort, and now she’s stronger, leaner and feeling the best in her whole life.


Like all fat loss journeys…


There was a time when I could tell her body was hitting a plateau with results.  It was time to take it up a notch.


I put her on the 3-Day detox (try it HERE), didn’t train for the week and then came back practically floating.  Eyes were clear, skin was glowing, and she was leaner.


Her fat loss kicked off again as her system was in better shape, liver healthier and had time to recover.



She not only smashed her goal for when she started out, but is going from stride to stride getting in better shape and loving every step.


I want to share this story with you because I know a lot of women will get a kick out of this, knowing they are in the same place Dina started with.


There is one problem though…


…she’s getting chased around by every guy in town because she looks so good.


One side effect that comes with the body transformation.


Love your work Dina, and love we’re still working together.


How Can I Lose Stubborn Fat?


Start with my published “The Truth To Stubborn Fat Loss” that you can get by Clicking HERE.


This will walk you through breaking down the myths, and unveiling the curtain giving you what you need to do to easily burn off stubborn fat.


The training aspect is also so important as because you’re a female there are rules and guidelines that you need to follow to see the best results.  Being able to switch on the fat burning process for the hard to lose areas.


There are so many fads and fallacies out there plaguing women with lackluster results that I had to get this out to show what’s really needed.


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