It’s Chris, and today I’m going to show the best way to lose your belly fat, and do it the “right” way.  Not using low calorie, depriving diets.  This is the proven, no nonsense tips I recommend to my clients and use myself.

This way you can apply it to your life and get the body you’ve always wanted.


Video Transcript:


In this episode, I’m showing you how to lose belly fat; the tips and strategies to make it work. Because let’s face it, what you’re doing now and what everyone else is doing is not working. And, doing the same things are not going to get you a different result. Let’s use the proven, no nonsense tips that I’ll give you now. Firstly, you need to give the flick on the extreme radical fat lost diet approach. This is the silver bullet, the magic potion, the snake oil that’s not going to work for you and it’s only going to get you in a worse position. Long-term, you can have metabolic slowdown even hormonal imbalance from following such diets.

This is only going to have you gaining more weight and struggling with stubborn fat, wanting to lose it. This is the yo-yo dieting mentality and something I don’t want you to fall into. I have hundreds of people emailing me every week wondering what the cure is. What the secret source to being able to lose weight. Yes, some people might be in great shape, a great upper body and looking really good. But then, there’s always the problem with the stomach fat. Their belly is just not looking the same as the rest. And, there are reasons why. Firstly, you need to feed your body. You need to nourish yourself. Most people that are coming to me are eating way too low calories. They’ve cut their carbs right down and their bodies aren’t getting the nutrients that they need. We need to reverse this. We need to boost your metabolism and get your body wanting to burn fat.

This is going to stop you from spinning your wheels. The weeks, months or even years of not seeing your body change the way that you want it to; after all that time and effort, that strict dieting and then you look at yourself in the mirror, not happy with the outcome. It’s time to turn that around. I’m not going to focus this on diet because that is a major factor with you losing belly fat. But I know that in this short episode, I can give you a lot more information. I’ve also given you a free fat diet loss to follow. You click the link below and I’m going to give you the information that you need in an easy step-by-step process.

There’s one for males and one for females, and guys and girls need this to work this differently. So already, straight off the bat, it’s specialized to you. And then along the way, I’m going to give you the inside and know-how tips that you’re going to use to fast track your results. Let’s focus this on your training and especially your weight training as this is going to give you the biggest bang for your body for fat burning. Yes, cardio is fantastic but it’s not the bail on indoor. And with so many people opting for cardio, way too much of the time, this can only have a negative impact. Meaning, that you can actually produce more cortisol; being more stress hormone which actually the proven to combat belly fat. Ladies, let’s get this out of the way. You’re not going to become bulky by doing the proper way training. And to help this along the way, I’ve got at the end of this video the training plan that you can follow. But importantly, you need to be weight training, a minimum of three times a week. If you can’t make that sacrifice, if you can’t make that investment for yourself, then realistically, I don’t see you making great changes with your body.

The benefits of weight training are numerous and with your body being able to boost its metabolism and burn through more energy, not only just in this session, but long after the work that is done is going to give you better, long-term results. Your body is even going to be pried to use the nutrients that you feed itself. You’re going to be able to drive nutrients into your muscles and being able to avoid it from pushing energy into the fat cells. So, you are avoiding fat storage and being able to promote fat burning. So, by lowering your stress and feeding your body what it needs, and also, training that specialized and specific for you to burn fat. You have got everything working for yourself.

This is going to give you the results that you want. So, let’s get the results right now. And all you need to do is click below and get the fat loss diet. Along with that, I’m going to give you the cardio plan and the weight training plan so you can start working out to burn off body fat and especially your belly fat. And each and every time, I’m going to be able to update you throughout the week with my insight of pro tips to be able to get ahead of the game and in the know so you’re not wasting your time or being confused about what to do.