If you’re just getting started as a personal trainer, you may be stoked to sign up your very first paying client.


To set yourself up for a successful fitness business and career, it’s important to learn the right strategies, right from the beginning!


When you follow my tips, you’ll get the ball rolling in no time flat. In addition, my advice will make it much easier to land that all-important first client!  That why I recommend you delve into all the material I have for you here on Turning Pro Academy and take advantage of the offer at the end of this article.

First off, you need to market your business. After all, you are your brand, so you need to let the world know that you are offering personal trainer services and what results you bring to your clients.

People need to know the benefits of what you and your business bring to the world. Just focussing on the features of what you do is a common mistake personal trainers make.

“12-week rapid weight loss program”

“Custom weight training programs”

“Get a tailored weight loss diet”

“Weekly personal training sessions”

…all of this goes flying over the top of your potential customers head.  They don’t care about that.  They care about what are the benefits of your personalised weight training program, customised diet, holistic approach, face to face or online personal training program.  Answer those questions in your marketing and you will truly connect.

Once you’ve compiled this information, there will be a range of ways to promote.


Create a Social Media Presence


Use social media the right way… and don’t let it use you.

Everyday I see trainers, coaches and consultants misuse their social media accounts and I cringe every time.  Its making you look bad, and having to NOT attract new clients, and possibly lose the ones you already have.

Social media is a tool — and just like any tool, there is a time and place for it to be used.


For example lets focus on Facebook, and how to best use it.


Your Facebook fan page will only get a small amount of ‘organic’ reach.  That means that when you post, its only going to a small percentage of your actual followers.  You have to “pay to play”, and using Facebook ads the right way will give you a huge boost in followers, and new clients.

The number one rule is: Give tons of value away.  

Don’t ever ask people to follow you, sign up for anything, or share something.  You have to step up to the plate first and give value away, give and show them what great info and advice you have and they will naturally want more.

The number two rule is: Drive people back to your website.

Your website is your main platform to have everything on, and for people to come back to.  And to hammer this home, I know a lot of “famous” personalities in the health and fitness world, and some completely mis-use and over do their social media.  Having a ton of Facebook fans, does not equal a successful business  or making money.  Building your personal list, and having a working sales funnel, however is the best steps to build your business and make the money you want.

…This is something I show in detail in the ‘PT Success Formula’ as its a few simple steps to make the most of your social media and run your website properly.

Your website needs to be making you money.  Drawing in new followers, building your list and converting people into clients and making sales.  If its not — then its a waste of your time and money, and it needs to change.

You may also promote via Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Using all of these channels will help you to create viable networks of prospective clients online.  But again, its a tool, that has a time and place.  Start with one social media network — get good at it and build the following then move on.  Trying to get multiple accounts going at once is a massive waste of time, and won’t work.

…When you focus your efforts on value, you’ll land your first customer quickly.


Show Off Your Results


Social proof comes in at near the top as what you need to showcase with your fitness business.

…This is a chock-full industry with a million and one “me too” brands, businesses and personality.  You need to be head and shoulders above the rest by being ‘unique’ and showing the results you achieve.

Using testimonials and stories about your customers and clients that have achieved great results helps connect a potential client to you.  Use testimonials the right way, and make it natural.  Don’t have it scripted or sounding to formal.  Instead focus on telling the story of where your clients was, and how their life was before they came to you — to now what they have achieved and the benefits they have because of you.

There is no doubt, that you need to walk the walk.  If you’re a physique coach and not in good shape yourself — theres something wrong.  Same with if your speciality is strength training and you’re not strong… people connect the dots that your talking s***.

You don’t have to be in cover model shape, but I don’t think you should have the images and branding to speak about you and your business.  And theres no doubt that if you’re working in a gym, you will see the trainer thats in great shape, naturally attract clients.


Use The Power Of Email Marketing


This comes off from point number one… your social media.

Email marketing has been proven time and time again to be more powerful to build relationship,s build your burins and makes sales and convert clients.

Your ‘list’ is an asset that you can continue to deliver great value to, and have the ability to talk to them to offer them the products and services that are right for them.  This is super simple to get set up, and once done and put into action — this is going to be a big part of the ‘engine’ that runs 24/7 for your business to build followers and create clients.

Don’t get bogged down with the ‘tech’ part of this, its super simple.  And with upcoming videos are guides on how you can get this going for yourself, fast.  Be sure to hit the LIKE button to the right for Facebook.  That way I’ll keep you in the loop and up to date.

Getting started as a personal trainer is all about having the right skills, education, training and image. However, it’s also about marketing. Clever marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot and it’s the secret of attracting the first client of many!


Don’t Be An “Average-Joe” Personal Trainer.  Let Me Show You How To Become The “Go To” Trainer… and have clients coming to you.

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