If you’re a personal trainer or coach and wanting to step aside from ‘playing the small game’ of selling sessions and chasing clients and take it up a level to the ultra-niched, high-end of the fitness industry then you need to make big changes.

If you follow the main stream advice though…


…You’re Doomed To Fail

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…playing the ‘cost cutting game’ – keeping prices low, and competing with all the other trainers is the fast-track to failure.


Both with the in-person, face to face and the online personal training world – there are the ‘Rolls Royce’ types of clients that is who you truly want to work with.


They adhere to your programs, get better results, refer other high-end clients to you and are not the energy vampires that you dread every time you see… plus they pay you top-dollar (happily).


When you become ultra-niched, build your authority and reputation and select who you take on as clients, you have the power to give your clients the programs and services they need to get ‘true results’.


This is for the personal trainer that gets results… because something I loath seeing is great quality trainers, that are technically skilled, can get clients results, design great training and diet programs, even communicate everything as needed – crash and burn because their business ‘know how’ sucks.


It was in 2009 at my first BioSignature course with Charles Poliquin that he said “you have to learn more to earn more”… and it was becoming a high-end physique coach and then coupling it with the advanced business insights and experience that led to my business and career getting me to where I am today.


No longer are you selling ‘hours for money’ – you are selling results, and its once you design your branding and your ‘uniqueness’ that is so important to be the foundation of your business it then changes your business model, your marketing message and even your services and programs.


The truth is, you’re a good trainer and give great service and get results, technically as a personal trainer ‘you’re the goods’, but the simple fact is you’ve built your business and marketing message to attract the exact clients you have now, who are willing to pay what you charge now – and no more.


This isn’t about doubling, or even tripling your charge or what you make.  Im talking 8 to 10 times maximising your business and profits.


“Effective Hourly Rate”


Your effective hourly rate is what most trainer miss. You could be charging $70 for an hour session, but what about all the back end work, the training and diet design, the accounting, bookkeeping, social media, travel, and even if you’re trying – the online content creation.


Doing 30 sessions a week means you bring in $2100 a week


…but you and I both know thats not what goes in your wallet.  You pay tax, have expenses, and what about your clients dropping off, getting sick and no-showing that constantly keeps you on high-alert with a wavering weekly income.


All those hours put together along with your weekly income is what will calculate to be your effective hourly rate… and its a lot less than you think.


You need to grow your reputation, stand head-and-shoulders above your competition, become the “go to” trainer and set your business up so clients are coming to you… You are not chasing them down and having to discount your high-end service.


This is about bringing people on in the right way, and delivering them high-quality that bring in $12,000 a year per client.  Just from this you only need ten clients to break $120,000.  And with all my ‘6-Figure PT’ members I show them how to go even beyond that – bringing in other revenue streams that can tap on $1000 a week, and programs that can sell over and over again that equal $200-$1000 each… and they sell on auto-pilot.


Avoid the Time-For-Money Trap


Maximising your business to give you what you really want means you need to change the whole model, and its a lot easier than so many PTs think.


Stepping out from the ‘hour sessions for dollars’ and creating the programs and services that get world-class client results, builds your reputation and gives you a “real” fitness business.


What does a “real” fitness business mean… It gives you the money, freedom and lifestyle you want.  Not having to grind through sessions and be stuck in the Time-For-Money trap that stops you from earning more and being able to step away to live.


The ‘Perfect Client Pipeline’


Use the ‘auto-pilot’ engine that grows your followers and client list with… The “Perfect Client Pipeline”

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Three easy steps so that you have clients coming to you, being able to select which clients you want to take on, and have them converting to your high-end programs and packages.


This is the NON ‘Douche Bag’ way to bring on clients with nonsense sales tactics you’re being fed all over facebook and the web.  This positions you with the power as the “go to” trainer and expert.


This is the foundation thats proven to build both your Online and Face-to-Face fitness business.


Specially made for BioSignature and High-End Trainers and Coaches


…Take advantage and copy the steps I am giving away in this online workshop.


I’ve made this for you so you can start from today putting the 8 principles that is the foundation to fitness business success.


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