If you’re looking for a practical way to become a successful online entrepreneur, you should consider running your own online coaching system. This type of program will allow you to function as a personal trainer in and work from any where you want and it will help you to turn your fitness training skills and education into pure gold.


While some people who do this for a living (or even on the side!) manage to make thousands of dollars per week. To help you learn about the power and potential of this type of program, I’ve created a sensible quick guide.  This is a big part that got me from grinding out PT sessions in Sydney and Dubai to living the lifestyle I do now, living in Bali and loving the projects and clients I work with.


Discover the Value of Information Products


Since you’re already a fitness expert, you need to know that you can turn your expert status into profits. It all starts with creating the right info-products and then selling them online! For example, it’s possible to write e-books about personal fitness or offer other informative tools, such as Webinars,video series, programs or membership sites.


…also über important is that you need to create the right image, branding and marketing to get any of this going.  Don’t kid yourself and think if you just create it, people will come in and buy.  The best way to go about this is create the ravings fans first, and then you can create exactly what they want.


Since you’ll only pay to produce these materials once, and since the cost of offering them and marketing them online is so low, you’ll find that it’s easy to earn passive income from these sorts of products, once you’ve recouped your initial investment.

Rolling out an entire online coaching program will also help you to maximize online earnings…so let’s talk about just how easy it is to make this happen!


Get Organized During Step One


First, let’s make the assumption that you are a kick-ass coach and that you’re well-known in your field. You will have to have a strong and positive reputation as a personal trainer in order to waylay your skills into online income via an online coaching system.

If you do have a great rep, you will benefit from putting together workout plans with nutrition elements. Create a three-month fitness system which includes exercises and meal plans and/or fitness advice. Then, ask prospective clients to sign up for it, at a rate of just under one hundred dollars per month.

After they sign up, you’ll provide them with exclusive content every four weeks. In addition, you’ll connect with your clients online in order to motivate them, answer questions and monitor their progress. This group will be private, rather than public. You may run your group via Facebook for reasons of convenience and economy, or create a private forum or chat room at your official website.

…this is just an example that I have created from a ‘PT Success Formula’ member, so I know it works and can be put into place quickly.


Market Your New System 


Since you already know how to train clients, putting together your system should be pretty easy. You may use multimedia in order to make your lessons and tips more entertaining and simple to understand.

Once your system is created, it will be time to launch it. This means promoting it heavily all over the World Wide Web. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram in order to spread the word. Have your friends and family share your social media posts in order to spark the interest of their own friends and family. This will create a ripple effect which may just lead to more paying clients. It’s also wise to offer a special introductory offer which makes the idea of signing up even more tempting.


This cutting-edge business model is designed to be win-win for you and your personal training clients. So, why not try it today?


…also as I have talked a lot about in my video’s that your platform — your website, needs to be the hub of you and your business. Whether your running and face to face personal training or online fitness business.  And making social media drive back to your site.  This way you can create the raving fans, and take them through the know-like-trust factor thats so important for you you to build your business and stand head and shoulders above your competition.


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