One of the best questions trainers and coaches ask is…

“How do I go from where I am now, to earning over $100,000 a year and not stressing about how to get more clients?”

Whether you’re a trainer, coach, or health professional.  You’re probably here because you want to start or grow a fitness business that;

  • Creates a bigger impact with your passion and expertise.
  • Gives you more freedom, so you can live a great life in the process.
  • Charges what you’re worth, so you earn the money you want.
  • Gets you out of the time-for-money trap (more on this soon).

But lets look at why the old model that so many trainers and coaches are stuck in is flawed…

You get stuck in the “time-for-money trap”…

It’s the exact quote I put into my book Your First 100 Clients.

“Don’t Sell Your Time For Money… It’s The Worst Trade In The World”

Tony Robbins.

There only a certain number of clients you can see in a day, and only a certain amount you can earn…. And then you hit the ‘success ceiling’ and can’t break through.

Then there’s the freedom factor…

Jumping into my car, and speeding how the Sheik Zayed road in Dubai.

There were two questions that ran through my head…

“How much longer can I keep going like this?”


“Is this all there is?”

From the outside looking in, I was a successful personal trainer.  I had a personal training business with multiple trainers running in Sydney.  And I had moved to Dubai, and was now fully booked again charging up to $250 an hour.

But, I was doing 120 km/hr racing back to get home in time too give my daughter her bottle, so I can spend some quality time with her before she goes to bed.

And when I got home, she was already asleep.

I was crushed

This wasn’t the dad, husband and man I wanted to be.

And when I tried to answer the two questions in my head the answers were –

There is no way I want to keep running a business like this in 2, 5 or 10 years time from now.  I wanted a business that allowed me to live and travel around the world.  Spend quality time with my daughters and wife, and give us the freedom to live the lifestyle we really wanted.  Not stressing about money or “where my next client is coming from?”.

If this resonates with you… I want to tell you its perfectly fine.

The traditional personal training business model is dead.  The fitness world has changed, and its never been like this before.

And what I am going to walk you through right now are the steps that have been proven not only myself, but from so many trainers and coaches around the world that I get to see create.

From my home office here in Bali, I get to have the upper hand in seeing what’s working, and how to speed it up…  It’s firstly from the mistakes and wins I have in my businesses that I can then share straight to you.

This is why I want to introduce you to…

Personal Trainer 2.0

The new and upgraded business model for smart personal trainers to have more money, more impact and more freedom.

[Watch the full episode here]

Now it’s about going from where you are right nowto the fitness business and lifestyle you REALLY want.

And thats why if you’re ready to take action for yourself right now… To add something leveraged to your business, say for example:

  • Online personal training
  • Online memberships or programs
  • Smarter in-person personal training
  • Or all of them in a hybrid model… It’s completely up to you.

To get the full coaching session I just held with a group of coaches, that goes into the exact steps of these, get it HERE.

If this really resonated with you, and your wanting more of this to transition to a personal trainer 2.0 model, more money freedom and impact.

The best way I can help you is lets jump on a quick call and go and actually create the plan for you. all you need to do is Click HERE and reserve your spot for us to chat.

There is only one of me, and I have limited spots for these free strategy calls so book it now before they book up, and I’m looking forward to chatting soon!