We’ve just wrapped up a free coaching call with trainers on “how to sign on new clients each week?”

And the first question I asked them; is what I’m asking you right now… “Are you achieving the level of success you want?”

If you’re feeling confused, or even frustrated from working so hard, and trying so many things to build your fitness business… This is for you.

[Watch the full episode here]


We broke it down to a few simple steps that every trainer has to go through so that you are:

  • Attracting in the right type of clients you want.
  • Charging what you are worth.
  • Signing on new clients from your following.
  • Delivering the best results with each of your clients… and being known as the “go to” trainer.

Take Lucy for example.

She is now at full capacity with online clients and we’re opening up a new program now to double her income again.


All you have to do is save your free spot to watch the full coaching session we just recorded.

Then copy the steps I give you and put them to the test.

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