How Many Calories Should I Be Eating”…. do you ask yourself this?

Let me show you How To Lose Weight and avoid the lies that only cause you to deprive yourself, slow your metabolism and be hungry.

Lose Weight – the right way – by NOT under-eating, under-nourishing yourself, and even depriving yourself.

If you want to know how many calories you should be eating to lose weight – and be healthy to have a great looking body without the hunger or cravings — then you will love this episode.

Losing weight does not need to be a daily struggle… you should still be enjoying yourself and your life…

…and I show you in this episode how your diet, your daily eating can have you burning off belly fat and weight.



Video Transcription:

Have you popped your details in to a calorie calculator online? Trying to find out how much you should be eating to either lose weight or gain muscles?

Stay with me as I’m going to give you the truths as to what really works and what you should really be doing. Your metabolism is not a calculator. And when you jump online to try and find out of your numbers, you follow it; you’ve likely found out that you’ve probably gained weight. Now, what’s going on here? What are you doing wrong? And, why is this happening? Let me tell you why. Your metabolism is running and adapting to what you’re doing right now.

The amount of calories that you’re burning through each and every day is only because what you’re giving it and what you’re putting your body through at the moment. Not what a certain number should be saying you should be burning through. It’s best to look at what your food intake is now along with what your training output is as well. A great example of this is a great physique competitor. When someone’s finished a competition and then it’s time for a reversed diet, the need be is – If they suddenly go into a calorie calculator and find out what their maintenance is; and then jumps straight back onto that, there’s going to be a big difference between what they’re currently doing and where they have to go. And then what happens when you do that, you suddenly poll on the fat. This is a nasty backlash on weight gain. And what’s going on is their maintenance is what they’re actually at now. And the reverse diet has a job of slowly building up your metabolism and bringing you bad hormonal balance.

The body has adapted to a lower food intake and high exercise output. And this is where you have to take the small increments going through week by week to make sure that your body adapts to having more food and less exercise. It’s also important to know that your calorie calculation is not the whole story to doing fat loss. Your hormonal balance, the food you eat and the signals that it sends your body are a massive part of the equation too. Your hormonal balance has a huge impact on whether or not you gain or lose weight but also where you gain or lose that weight from. If you’re not a physique competitor, fitness money; the best way to go about this is to focus on your food choices.

This is naturally going to bring about a better calorie intake but also the hormonal impact from the foods that you’re eating. This naturally makes it better for you because you can focus on what really works. A hack to the system or even a bigger bank for your bulk. You don’t need to worry about the signs or things like meal frequency and meal timing. As you naturally get a better response to having lowered inflammation, better gut health, controlled sleep and stress. This short episode opens your eyes into the factors for fat loss. This isn’t the Holy Grail for transforming your body but it’s definitely the first step to making that happen. If you want to transform your body, then I highly recommend you hit subscribe. And at the same time, click the link below to make sure that you get your Fat-Loss Diet. Take the best first step possible and then I can walk you through all the way.

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