Let me answer

“How do I get more personal training clients?”


If you’re asking this question, then I want to clear the confusion for what you need to be doing to make this happen.

Often times you are going to overcomplicate it. Trying to figure out how to structure your sales funnel, what marketing automation do you have in place, are you going to use paid Facebook ads, and more…

Let me break this down into the simple steps that you need to not only get more clients, but have clients coming to you, and them ready and willing to pay a premium to work with you.

And this all boils down to your ‘ultimate marketing plan’…


The power behind the ‘ultimate marketing plan’ that I give away in 6-Figure PT is that its simple – it get the job done.


Let me ask you…


Is the real problem you just want more clients?

A full-time personal trainer needs 15-20 clients to work 30-40 hours/wk considering that the average clients trains 2-3 times a week. What other business do you know that only needs 15-20 customers to be considered successful?

There could be other problems you don’t know about such as:

  • Clients are dropping off – going to other trainers.
  • You’re selling your services all wrong which means you have to constantly “re-sell” clients which leads to higher drop off rate.
  • You have set your business up to limit how much you can earn – all the back-end work you have to do for clients is chewing up time.
  • You’re being overlooked because other trainers are getting the attention

…all are easily fixed, though.

Where is the disconnect that you cant have 20 clients, paying a premium, on a recurring model, and also being able to grow multiple revenue streams other than just your time-for-money sessions.


Is the problem?

  • My gym doesn’t support me.
  • I don’t know where to get started. I can’t get clients in front of me.
  • I get clients in front of me but don’t know how to sell.
  • Clients never seem to be able to afford personal training.

The other response I get from trainers when I hold seminars, and internships is “I’m not a salesman, I’m a personal trainer”… This one makes me chuckle.

You are NOT just a Personal Trainer – you need to wear multiple hats and that includes, business owner, entrepreneur, salesman, and marketer.

If you really are a good PT, you are skilled and know how to get your clients results, then its your job to make sure you do the best job you can to transform and help as many people. I see it as your ‘ethical responsibility’ to do so. You sitting on your hands and only scrapping by with minimal clients and justifying to yourself that its ok — is not ok.

Those above problems that I mentioned are not the reasons you are struggling to get clients.


You need to:


  • Build a reputation and following of raving fans
  • Turn those ravings fans into your customers and clients
  • Blow their minds with a world class experience
  • Nurture lifetime relationships with them and have them refer more to you

Those four steps is whats going to have you a leading personal trainer, and being able to work where you want, charging what you want and taking on only the clients you want.

It boils down to two things you need to do

Rule #1 – Do a great job.

Rule #2 – Make sure everybody knows about it.

Stop blaming your gym or anybody else for your lack of clientele. If you want to get more personal training clients the answer lies in marketing. And all you need to know about marketing is that the goal of whatever you do is making sure everybody knows how great you are. I’ll show you how..


Marketing for Personal Trainers 101

It’s not your fault that you don’t know ‘marketing’ or ‘how to sell’ yourself and your business. The personal training schools aren’t teaching this stuff, and the insights they do give that I’ve seen are not whats going to get you earning a top income and creating a life of freedom with a successful fitness business.

I am going to take you through some of the key steps that are apart of your ‘ultimate marketing plan’ which is then going to have you head and shoulders above your competition.

Whats Your Big Hook?

What is the hook behind why someone should come and pay you their hard earn dollars for you to train and coach them?

This can also be asked as ‘whats your Unique Selling Proposition?’ (USP) – which is why are you so unique. The difference in would a potential clients, choose you can as the clear winner and choice over your competition.

If you blend in with everyone else, you’re always going to struggle. Your bland, mediocre, and will only get the low-hanging-fruit clients that any PT can pick up.

You need to stand out…

Who Are The People You Want To Work With?


…and what are their specific problems, that you can be the perfect solution to.

Knowing exactly the target market for yourself is going to clear away the confusion that surrounds your marketing and business.

Your specific market has certain problems and issues and why they need a personal trainers, though how can you be a specialist in that area. How can you tailor your service and packages and programs around guaranteeing and fast-tracking results for them.

This also goes into your marketing, the certain language they use. A 20year old bodybuilder speaks differently to a middled aged mum. Everything you do needs to craft a message that is going to magnetic towards the right people, and repulsive towards the wrong people.

…if you’re thinking that you don’t want to be to specific to turn people away. Let me stop you right now. You trying to be the answer to everyone, means your the answer to no one. The importance of being the specialist for the right market is where your success is going to lie.

Clients will be attracted to you, and the difference is when they come walking through the door they are ready to come on board – there really is no ‘douchery sales process’ its all genuinely crafted about giving them what they need.

…and then you need to answer.
How Do I Get In-Front Of Them?

Knowing your perfect audience, your perfect client you can know craft the perfect sales message that when they hear it, come running through a snow storm for you.

Are they at certain cafes, in hairdressers, on facebook, in certain businesses – there are so many ways both online and offline that you can now get your marketing in-front of them. And your marketing boils down to a simple concept with everything you have just discovered along with the aim to…


…Show you value before clients step in the door.


They need to first know you, and what you’re all about, what your hook is, what results you bring about with your clients… then they need to like and trust you, and this comes about with showing them value first that you are the solution to their problems.

If they cant burn stubborn fat, and struggling to lose weight during menopause, and thats what you’re the specialist at – show them.

Content marketing is so important, and so easy — and it ties back around so perfectly into what you need to be doing.

Using your website (both for online and face to face fitness businesses) to bring people back to – as this is your platform to showcase your content, your expertise, and then with simple steps you can grow your list, further grow the relationships and the trust needed and take them through the steps of your sales cycle so they come to you.

I can show you the ninja tactics easily for being able hyper target people with your marketing, and use re-marketing so specific people are getting specific ads that turbo-charges the whole process for you, and puts your marketing on auto-pilot.

…but you need to do the above steps first.

This is a simple step by step method that you need to follow – and its why I made, and why the 6-Figure PT program works so well, because of the exact steps at the right time is going to grow your followers, bring clients in the door and build your business week to week.


Avoid The Mind Field…


Look at it like this.

If you have a map, that shows you how to get from where you are right now, to where you want to go, and has you avoiding the mine field that is the multiple failures, and mistakes that can slow or ruin your fitness business… would you be confident in getting there

Of course you would. all you have to do is just follow the steps and thats exactly how the 6-Figure PT program was developed. Because you are not the business and marketing specialist – thats me. You’re job is just to follow through.

If you want to piece everything together with your ‘ultimate marketing plan’ and know what steps you need to take for your specific situation, business then I want you to put my time and money where my mouth is and step up first.

I’ll give you a Free Strategy Consultation to uncover why you’re struggling to get clients and whats needed to grow your fitness business… all you have to do is Apply First Here.

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