The truth is…


The traditional business model for personal trainers doesn’t work any more. We all know the old adage; insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results- in fact you’ve probably even said it to your clients! And, if you are scratching your head, and frustrated from working so hard at what you’ve been told will bring in new clients for you… but it’s not working, it’s time to change.



The biggest problem you have is, if you don’t change, if you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.


It’s the quote that slapped me in the face, and what I based my book “Your First 100 Clients” on.  From the master himself, Tony Robbins that said; “stop trading your time for money, it’s the worst trade in the world”.


The fact is, what I’m going to take you through here is the simple formula that is working to bring in new clients each week for face to face personal training, gym memberships, and online fitness businesses.


Now I know this is a big promise and it is, but…


I have the upper hand.


Each day I get to work with and mentor; trainers, coaches and health professionals all around the world that are designing a new style of business. They are combining their business and lifestyle to be seamless.  And I’m going to give you the steps to make this happen for you too.


The old way for personal trainers, has you stressed out looking for more clients constantly, not happy with the amount of money you’re earning. And especially compared to the amount of effort you’re putting in.  And then there is the ‘freedom factor’ where the “time-for-money” trap is the ceiling to your success.  The business you are ultimately working so hard at, is not actually able to give you the ultimate income, freedom and lifestyle you want…


If you’re fed up with the ‘old model’ then I know how you feel…


By all ‘traditional means’ I was a successful Personal Trainer.  I had a full book of clients and was charging a premium and working in Dubai.  I even had a personal training business back in Sydney running that had a great team of coaches working for me.  Though I was stuck in the same trap, and it wasn’t until I realised that I had to shift what I was doing and how I was working for me to ever have the freedom that I ultimately wanted.


Running 60+ hour weeks of face to face coaching and consulting at the time, I was getting burnt out.  I was losing my love for health and fitness, as I wasn’t able to spend time with my family, travel, or even attend professional development or training courses and not lose money. The problem with being in the time-for-money trap is; when ever you are not able to see your clients, you’re losing money.


If you are like me and you want to break free from the old model and be able to have the fitness business that gives you the freedom to live the lifestyle you want, the capacity to earn the money you want, and have the positive impact you want; then its time to follow these simple steps that are proven to work, time and time again.


To prove that this is exactly what is working for trainers, coaches and health professionals around the world right now. And, that this is going to be a map that you too can follow and get the results; I’m going to introduce you to one of my clients- Aaron.


Click HERE to listen in on the episode where I bring Aaron on and dissect the steps to bring him to a 7-Figure personal training business.


Aaron came to me with a steady face to face business, but he had the frustrations and concerns that we all do.  He knew he had more to give, and he wanted to be able to create a business that is now truly thriving with both face to face and online training.


The reason I want you to know about Aaron and also listen to the episode is because it’s to show you there is a simple progression from going from where you are right now, to where you want to be.  Once you open yourself up to making the changes necessary opportunities for growth will consistently present themselves.  Being able to have multiple trainers working for you, sell online programs, products and memberships… it’s all just a few steps away.


The traditional model in which personal trainers run, and even how incorrectly so many personal trainers have set up their online coaching is that there is a ceiling set up that you’ll never be able to break through.  And that’s why you want to have all this answered first, so that never happens to you.

So what you need with that, is the set up, and what I call the engine. This is what is literally running and growing your business without you having to do the hard manual work.  So you are growing your following and then you are signing on new clients each and every week.

The problem is, it’s confusing and it’s frustrating with 101 different questions running through your head right now when you are thinking about how to make it happen.  And if you get it wrong it could mean everything falls apart. If you’ve been trying to build your online fitness and haven’t found the growth and want the spark to make it all happen here it is.

I’m going to walk you through the steps on how to make this happen now…


You and Your Perfect Client


Let’s cover a critical step, and that is; you and your market…


Do you know exactly who it is that you want as your customers and clients?


What is your uniqueness that means they are attracted to you and you are the solution to the problem that they have?


We start with this because so many people come to me wanting to grow their online businesses though are scared.  They ask:


“Isn’t the online fitness world saturated, aren’t there already millions of people doing this?”


The fact is… Yes.

The online fitness world is saturated, but… its not competitive. By you simply knowing your uniqueness and having a clear message, delivering it in as easy to understand way and getting the attention of the exact people you want; you can easily have new clients coming to you, and signing on.


The most important step to blowing away your competition and carving a slice of the online fitness world for yourself, is that you need have your ‘uniqueness’.


  • What’s going to separate you from your competitors?
  • Why is someone going to pay you over someone else?
  • What’s going to attract people to you?


These are just a few questions, and truthfully I’ve shot multiple hours of coaching just on this point alone. When trainers and coaches join the program, this is the first week’s focus. We work on getting the answers solidified so you can know who you are, what you offer and who you want to work with to get the success you want.


I believe in this one point so much, I want you to spend the time answering these questions and really mapping out your Uniqueness. This uniqueness, needs to come through all of your messaging; your social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, your emails, your videos, articles, conversations, and any marketing material.  This simple message of your uniqueness needs to be clear in every way you present yourself.


How To Turn Your Following Into Clients


Your sales funnel is simply the set of steps that gives potential clients a path to singing on with you… When you have these integral steps put in place, this is a big part of the engine I talk about that is literally growing your business 24/7.


This is how your business grows in your sleep.


The idea of the sales funnel is that you start with a number of people you are exposed to at the top. The right set of steps (that works correctly and doesn’t have any bottlenecks or leaks) means you are going to end up with a number of clients at the bottom signing on each week.


Most trainers when I take them through this process are totally blown away with how easy this can actually be… however, there is one forgotten secret that threads through each step of your sales funnel.  And that is –


Give amazing amounts of value.


By focusing on only what’s needed to help each person make the next steps from; not knowing you, to loving you and then ultimately becoming your client.  It’s a simple process that once set up, truly is the engine that at the end makes sure you are only signing on the clients that YOU want, and maximizing the numbers to increase your income and impact.


Let me take you through a real life example, and this is a version that we created for a Pro Circle member for her online personal training business.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.01.38 PM


We start at the top of the funnel with growing your following through focussing only through 1 or 2 main channels that you showcase your content on.  And, without a doubt social media is a huge player in how you can generate attention.


So through her posting hyper targeted content for her target market on her blog, and sharing it through 2 social media platforms- Instagram and Snapchat she’s able to start generating traffic to people first know who she is, and what she does.


When you create hyper-targeted content that’s really solving the problems of your market, you’re able to easily get the right people that are interested, coming to you. Once you have their attention, the next step is then to grow the relationship with each of these people. And then repeat over and over as you grow.


Now, I know you’re here for the more advanced ‘ninja’ stuff, so let me take you through just one step of this.  Steps 2 and 3 above are different types of offers. I’ve called them ‘high threshold’ and ‘low threshold’ because some people will only be willing to take a smaller step forward compared to others.


When someone is really interested in what you do, and has a feeling that they think you’re the right trainer or coach for them; then a high threshold offer like “come in for a free training session with me” is a perfect suit. You do a consultation and training session with them and then you simply just sign them up.


However, many more people will have more skeptism, and not be so eager to jump ahead. And that’s perfectly fine, because this is how we build the “like and trust” factor so we can sign them on soon after. The low threshold offer is an easy exchange, commonly seen for a piece of value or information, for example an ebook or a diet plan in exchange for their email address.


This starts the conversation with them, and gives you the ability to start following up, giving them more value and helping them solve the problem they initially were attracted to you about.


Now, I want to take you through exactly how I create big leaps in getting boatloads of clients on board in such a short amount of time. And this comes to the bottlenecks you have in your online business. So many times I’m seeing trainers and coaches stuck with not really knowing why their business isn’t growing…. there’s always a reason.


Your online business has bottlenecks at the major conversion points, so let me walk you through these.


Firstly, you have to get people to know you. Are you getting the reach and are you getting it to the right people? You can look at this with the content you create, and where you put it.


You can get the free episode here that  goes deeper into this.


So let’s say your struggling to get people that follow you to sign onto your email list, or signing up for your ‘lead magnet’ (this is your free training session, ebook, diet, etc). This is your 2nd step in your funnel not working properly.


A ninja trick that we can do here, is that we can use re targeting methods to get your offer back in front of the people that we know are interested.  We know that your content has sparked some interest with a certain set of people.  You can easily set up a system that recognises who has landed on certain web pages of yours, have them gathered into a list in your Facebook ad manager, and then they will be ‘re targeted’ and shown you offer again and again.


For example… Lets say you wrote an article on Post Natal Training, and your lead magnet is a free workout guide for Mothers in the Post Natal period.  Everyone that lands on your post natal training article is then put into a list that you can send a quick ad to, reminding them about your workout guide they can sign up for for free.


Remember, people are busy and usually doing multiple things at once.  So don’t expect everyone that hits your article to read the whole thing, and take the next action step that you want them to.  This is why ‘re-targeting’ and giving people value and communication that you know they are interested in is so important. It’s a gentle way of saying- hey remember me, here’s this free piece of content I know you were interested in.


Using the basic online personal training funnel as the example, lets say that you are only getting 5 out of every 100 people that see your article to sign up for your lead magnet. If we increased that to just 10 people (by re-targeting), so a tiny jump of only 5 right now, we have doubled your client sign ups.


Then let’s say you’re struggling to get people that do sign up for the lead magnet to come in for the consultation.  If we change your emails, use re-targeting and content you produce we can easily go from 5 out of 100 people, to 10 out of 100 people that do sign up for your lead magnet to then sign up for the consultation.  This doubles the amount of people you get to your consultations, which doubles your client sign ups again.


Let’s be honest…


It’s not your job to know all of those steps – you are the fitness professional.


And especially when it comes to your online business I’m seeing so many health professionals get bogged down with focussing on all the wrong things.  There are so many people teaching the ‘tactics’, which is a single action you can be taking, but there’s no synergistic strategy.


All you need to do is just follow the right steps…


If you’re serious about building your business then Click HERE as I walk you through “The 7-Must Do Steps To Go From ‘Zero to a Thriving’ Online Fitness Business”


This is the full-length episode you cannot get access to anywhere else, and exactly what I’m working through with trainers all around the world right now. That is working to build their dream fitness business, that you can start using to.