You gut health can be the ‘secret’ to over coming weight loss problems and losing the bloat, along with feeling ‘blah’ each day.

…and also help with boosting your muscle gains.

Your physique, body transformation and health will thank you for using these tips.

Stop wasting your time, money and effort when simple fixes can get you absorbing the nutrients and lowering stress and inflammation thats only harming your body.


Video Transcript:

Improve your digestion and gut health and see huge impacts with your ability to burn fat and build muscle. Your body’s ability to breakdown proteins, fats and carbs into the amino acids, fatty acids and glucose has a huge impact in what you’re able to absorb and assimilate. This is about your gut’s micro bio, digestive enzymes, acids and bile all wrapping up into your gut health with how it relates to your health and physique.

When things go wrong, you can have bacterial overgrowth, damages to your intestinal lining, immune problems and even symptoms that you’re going to want to avoid such as gas and bloating. Firstly, you want to get more enzymes into yourself and you can do this simply by including more raw veggies in your diet. A food that is an endomatic powerhouse that can change an important nutrient bromelain comes from pineapple and this helps you burn your foods and has an antiinflammatory effect. A big factor with how great your digestive health is comes down to your stomach acids and this includes HCL and to help your HCL production, this includes eating animal protein. But the flip side to this is if you have a very poor HCL production, you actually need to supplement this to help breakdown the protein. So this is a two edged sword.

Once you start supplementing it, you’re going to be able to stop producing more of this HCL and therefore you can start tapering back off the supplementation because your body’s ability to create this acid will be much better. Also, when looking at gut health from the traditional Chinese medicine standpoint, either importance of bitter and astringent foods. Things like lemon and ginger are very important to being able to round out your gut health. These bitter and astringent foods help with your bile production and your bile helps you break down the foods that you’re eating so your body can absorb them. Other power houses that help your digestive health are things that feed your good bacteria. Things like kefir, coconut kefir, yogurt and even resistant starch help your good bacteria do the job that is needed to breakdown your foods.

Also, when talking about gut health, it’s vital that you dodge the foods that are causing harm to your gut and these can be coming from foods that you’re sensitive to not necessarily allergic reactions but things that are heartening an inflammatory response every time you eat them. These can be tested through doing certain tests such as IGG or MRT. But even without these medical tests, you can simply go through an elimination diet which is a fantastic way to see what symptoms come and go with introducing and taking away foods. Your gut is a major organ that is directly related to your health and your ability to change your physique. With it also producing hormones and neurotransmitters, it’s directly related to how you feel and concentrate each day. Use these tips that I’ve given you today in this episode to make sure that you get faster results. Gut health is critical and don’t under rate it. Be sure to hit subscribe so I can keep giving you the insights to make sure that you get the results that you want with your body and health.