At first it didn’t look good…


…I starred at it wondering if I was just going to throw it back up.


Now I have one every single day.  It’s apart of my daily ritual, and with the health benefits that come it; it should be apart of yours.


Before I jump into how you can quickly and easily whip up this weight loss drink.


Let me ask you…   How many times have you been told to eat more veggies?


Its NO secret, veggies are vital to supplying nutrients and fiber that your body NEEDS to thrive and burn fat.   Sure, you can burn fat for a while and be doing it the wrong way, leading to you only harming your body and metabolism, but the weight loss will only last so long.


Your body will backlash and rebound.


For the best weight loss results.


You need to nourish yourself with the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber, phytonutrients and more.



This doesn’t mean you stop eating your veg at your other meals, but it certainly does give you a powerful punch of goodness.  Kind of like nutritional insurance for the day.   The detox benefits that come with it to help clear out your system is another added bonus.


I have used this with my 3-day detox to see even faster weight loss, and felt 10x better.


I know YOU and my client’s cant be dragging yourself around and feeling lethargic all day.


I need to be on the go running a business, coaching clients, my own training and especially playing and goofing around with my daughter and wife.  We all need to be feeling our best to enjoy life.


If your not totally pumped yet to getting into the green smoothie swing.


I dare you…


…For the next 7-days, have one a day, with breakfast, to get yourself switched on for the day.


A 3-egg omelet with onion, tomato, capsicum and parsley, cooked with coconut oil… green smoothie on the side.   Or my favorite.



Thick cut grass-fed steak, with a few rice cakes topped with an almond butter/cashew butter/flax/coconut oil mix… and   BOOM


You have just had the BEST start to the day for burning fat.


Ingredients and How To Make Your Fat Loss Green Smoothie


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