There are 2 reasons why you’re NOT losing weight.


And as complicated as you think it may be… Its not


Seeing and feeling the changes in your body day to day, and week to week is what should be happening.


Noticing when your walk by a mirror

When you go to try new clothes

Friends and family noticing your body change


All times that you know that you are burning off body fat and getting in great shape.


Being confident and happy with what you should be each day.


And liking the body you are in is apart of that.


Now… What are those 2 reasons that you are NOT there now


  1. You’re not following through with the right plan
  2. You don’t have the right plan, that is going to have your body ignite fat loss and keep it burning.


There is no need to starve yourself, eat nothing but bland, boring foods or waste away hours upon hours grinding out cardio or useless training sessions.


You should be feeling energetic throughout the day, not crashing in the early afternoon and battling with food cravings.


If you can confidently say that what ever plan you do have you are following and not falling of the wagon… then you have nailed  problem #1.


The matter for many though also lays that you are finding it hard to follow the weight loss plan.


And I’m not talking about a lack of motivation …. I’m talking about that the plan isn’t suited for you and your lifestyle.


Most women are following diets made for 20yr old male bodybuilders and most guys are following female diets.


Just picking up a weight loss diet or plan from a friend or magazine does not cut it.


Its got to be able to switch ON your fat burning and keep it on.  Without having you crash and burn your metabolism with starvation, and then also not fall prey to the ‘fat re-bound’ that happens to so many.


‘Fat re-bound’ is when you have driven your metabolism so low with the wrong weight loss diet plan, your hormones are mismanaged so when you finish or just give up.  Your body is prone to quick fat gain.  You gain weight faster than you lost it, and you also find that your wanting to eat more, especially sugars and carbs and exercise less.


This is the body trying to repair itself from the damage that has been done on your hormonal environment.  Your Insulin and Leptin along with other are imbalanced.


Twitter – Its not all doom and gloom… Use this weight loss plan to kick start your fat burning


Daily Fat Loss Cheat Sheet


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