Are you using the power of facebook ads for personal trainers?


Being able to get yourself and your message right in front of your perfect client, and being able to in just a few simple steps have them come on board as your client… Sounds to good to be true?




If you’re confused with the ‘techy’ stuff and with the 101 questions that come up with how to set up and how to make it work… this episode is for you.

Seeing the results with all my members and my own online fitness businesses it’s time to share whats working around the world. And this is why I want to show you how easy it can be to create a ‘machine’ from your facebooks ads.


Watch this episode and also take full advantage of the Facebook For Personal Trainers Ad Training podcast episode I have for you HERE.




The podcast episode I recorded for you covers the below;

0:39 Episode intro

1:37 What to expect in this episode

5:05 Get to know Facebook algorithm

5:51 Make your content interesting

8:23 Using social media to build your email list

8:55 Optimizing your post for engagement – understanding time differences

13:31 Custom audiences – the three pillars

15:04 Create different ads for different purpose

16:26 Targeting abandoned cart visitors

21:22 What is a look-alike audience

22:44 Facebook ads ROI – how should you measure it

27:05 Which one is more important, email list or social media following?

28:44 Got questions?


Get the full episode on Facebook Ads for Personal Trainers Here.


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