It was just over a year and half ago…


My world was turned upside down by the thought that I couldn’t shake that I wanted more, I wanted different and I had to make it happen.


At the time it was 10 years of personal training, living in Dubai for just over a year then I was grateful that I had built up a successful Personal Training business within weeks of landing, and it was thriving.


The thought that I couldn’t let go of, was I wanted to live the life that I had crystal clear in my head, that wasn’t happening when I opened my eyes.  I was earning good money, but I wanted more. I was living overseas, but I wanted complete location independence. I wanted to be able to live anywhere in the world and still be creating the success by helping and coaching people around the globe. Having a brand new baby girl at the time, and a gorgeous wife that I knew I had to step up.


So I did, what I knew best.  When I decided I wanted to be a leading Personal Trainer and Physique Coach I sunk my teeth into everything I could learn, flying around the world to learn from teh best courses, coaches and mentors.  So I had to do the same to become the business expert I knew I needed to evolve into.  


Being a great personal trainer and delivering the results for my clients is an absolute must, but it was the fact of being stuck in the time-for-money trap and selling away my most precious asset that is my time, that I could never get back.  And the truth that slapped me each day when waking up at 4:30am and having ot race home to give my baby girl the bottle before she went to sleep was that I didn’t want to be a husband or father that was not at home.


Today, I’m writing this for you sitting in my villa here in Bali.  I just got play and goof around with my daughter before her and my wife headed out for a coffee and breakfast, and I’m about to duck out for a surf.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m running 4 businesses at the moment and am currently pinning my ears back and trying to get a lot done, but I’m loving every step.  i get to work on the projects I love, and work only with the clients I love to work with.


And to think that I was able to soak up some of the motivation to take the leap that lead me to here right now, was listening to the John Lee Dumas on the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast back when I was in Dubai, knowing I had to make a change and become the best business man I could be to be ‘successful’.


Now, being interviewed by John for the EOFire podcast only this short time after is something that Im really proud of.  To give back to the community that helped me, and to unveil the story and truths about what its taken me and my kn0w-how to help you get what you want.


When John said he wanted me to come onto the podcast that has had absolute idols of mine and world best business men and woman, I was blown away.



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I hope you soak this episode up and walk away with the insights that I wanted to give you to help catapult you to making smarter choices, avoiding the common mistakes and creating the life you love to live.


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