Do your potential clients, your target market of who you want to to sign on see you as the expert or ‘go to’ trainer?


If you want to build an online fitness business… they need to.


And here is how:



By standing head and shoulders above your competition, and showcasing that you are the ‘answer’ for what your clients are looking for.


And this is where email marketing for personal trainers comes in.


So many people are caught up in ‘vanity metrics’ such as how many facebook followers do they, how many likes are they getting and you have to understand that this doesn’t correlate over to profits in your business.  YES!  Social media for personal trainers is a MUST.  Though  you have to be smarter about how you grow your following, and importantly how you turn that following into your customers and clients.


One of the biggest mistakes I see so many personal trainers, coaches and health practitioners make is not building an email list.  The power of email is where you have another very strong touch point that you can deliver more value and build relationships with 1000’s at a time.


When you ‘treat’ your email list right and with respect, avoiding the scammy tactics of so many internet markets are flaunting, you are able to take people through the natural steps in if they are the right fit, they will come on board with you.  To many people treat their email lists just like a number, and because its free to send email, they don’t put the smarts, or effort in to sending out the right series of email campaigns or automatinos.  And this only ends up with you burning your list, and having people drop off or not read what you send.  Making it totally useless the effort you put in building that list in the first place.



Starting Your Online Fitness Email Marketing


To start off with you need a good hook.


Whether you’re a boxer, a writer, or fitness marketing whiz, you know the power of a good reliable hook. This is how you get people to sit up and pay attention. Remember, it’s a media-saturated world we live in today, and there are a lot of different articles and posts people could be reading besides your own.  This is where you need to give great value, and truely these days where everyone is ‘trying’ with online marketing, you can blow them all away by giving what your target market really wants.  This can come in a form of a diet, guide, checklist, video series, webinar, report, audio, interview… the list goes on.


The idea is giving something and helping someone solve a problem they have with what can be called a ‘lead magnet’.  This is the value you give away in exchange for someone’s email.


The design of your email campaigns must first start with you setting the expectations and tell them whats to come.  This is where the very first email which also delivers all, or part-of what they signed up for, needs to outline whats to come by opening your emails to come.


The next step is called an ‘indoctrination sequence’:


This is where you have a short campaign of automated emails that can be 2-5 emails giving them value that helps them on what they originally signed up for, but also introducing you, your business and how you are the answer to their issue.


In the Pro Circle and 7-Figure PT programs all the email templates, checklists and actual campaigns you can download direct to your email automation software comes with this.  But, its important you can put this to work yourself now.


There are many ‘tech’ tools you can use, and its easy to be confused with where to start and what you need to use.  This is where I actually walk you through whats needed in this coaching video series on building your Online Personal Training business in 30-days.



Advanced Email Marketing For Personal Trainers


This is where I’ve seen members literally triple the amount of clients they are signing on per month by using these tactics and strategies.


Let’s say for example your target market is ‘female stubborn fat’ (which is one market I deal with one of my online fitness businesses):


Now there are many questions that could be going through the ladies minds that will be the ‘problem’ they are trying to solve, or what could be what they are looking for.  Some will be wanting a diet guide, others a plan to get rid of cellulite, other a workout program, etc.


By splintering your lead magnets and offers, you can give specifc value to what someone is looking for, and them lead them through the same sales funnel that leads to your perfect answer program or product that solves female stubborn fat.


Now I DO NOT recommend this for beginners, as when starting the focus should be on having one great funnel and focussing on getting one method working on bringing on new customers and clients.  Once you have this, then you can build out the advanced methods.


By splintering your lead magnets, you are also creating multiple lists.  And this is where I recommend that you segment your lists so you know the details about everyone on your list and how you can best serve them.


Remember, no one wants to read an email this isn’t for them.  So you can’t talk to everyone the same way, or give them the same message or offer.  By segmenting your list you can give specific messages to people more interested in workouts over diets.  Or talk differently and give different offers to males and females on your list.  In the health, fitness and weight loss space, is straight forward to how you can segment your list.  Also, by using the right email automation software you can do this all on auto-pilot so you set it up once and it works forever.



The Types Of Emails You Need To Be Sending:


Two big mistakes trainers and coaches make with emails is that they forget about their current clients, and also don’t showcase current and needed content they ust published.


Your current clients and new clients signign on, need to have a flow of communication from you, and this is where one avenue being emails works perfectly.  I show all members how to set up ‘on-boarding’ sequences so that when someone signs up they are able to put them through a series of automated emails that walks them into how to get the best value of your products and programs. Ensures they stick to the plan and use everything, and have 100% confidence and know-how.


If you have been following my work even for a a short time, you know Im a fan of content marketing, and how you need to be publishing value.


Using your email list is teh first step I take and show my members when they publish material, and can be 1-3 times a week depending on your entire email strategy.  This makes sure that you keep giving great help and information to your leads that have signed up, and also your customers and clients.


Now, I did mention email strategy, so if you want to learn more about this then you should sign-up for free where I actually walk you through whats needed in this coaching video series on building your Online Personal Training business in 30-days.

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