Use Cheat Meals the “right” way to lose weight and stick to your diet. Cheat Meals for Fat Loss work when you stick to ‘these’ rules.


On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I wanted to cover a fun topic…CHEAT MEAL RULES!

First…Lets be real.

I don’t care how focused you are with your fitness goals…everyone needs to have a little fun.

If you’re following a long-term low carb nutrition plan (in a calorie deficit) that gives you NO lenience to have the occasional cheat meal, you are preparing yourself for failure. Typically people don’t last anymore than 12 weeks on a strict, zero-cheat policy. And when they do quit, they go back to their old ways and fatten up even quicker.

When it comes to living lean, it’s all about implementing healthy lifestyle habits that are SUSTAINABLE and MAINTAINABLE over the long-term.

This includes having the ability to eat a cheat meal to “re-carb up” once in a while.

If you’re consistently in a calorie deficit…

…a cheat meal can actually help re-ignite your thyroid and leptin hormones to increase your metabolism and burn even more fat.

I typically do 1 cheat meal for every 30 healthy meals. For example, if you’re eating 5 healthy meals a day, by following this 30 to ratio, you could have a cheat meal once every 6 days.


I’m not allowing you to just eat whatever they want, whenever they want.

Here are my 6 cheat meal rules…

… to make your cheat meals work in your favour

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