Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?




I don’t care on making a black and white statement, as absolutes in the science and art of getting you an incredible looking body arnt needed.


Whats more important is just making breakfast set you up for a kick arse day that includes burning fat like a furnace.


Breakfast And Weight Loss Are Hand In Hand


Unfortunately, when it comes to being healthy and losing weight, none of the typical options are good for you. They are loaded with sugar, being pastries, scones, cereals and toast being the usual suspects for breakfast.


Having a breakfast that drops body fat, increases and produces mental clarity can be super simple.


The ingredients for a great breakfast should include your protein, fats.


The protein as you know from the last article HERE, will nourish your body with whats needed, and help ignite fat loss. Ther fats are needed to give your body the building blocks and create the response in the body for switching on fat loss.


Having a breakfast with meat and nuts on your plate will allow you to have a steady rise in energy, control your blood sugar, and provide amino acids and fats for you. This will in turn set you up for great results throughout the day. Having a low GI meal will produce a lower insulin response, this will help shed fat, and stop you from getting fatter.

There are a lot of options. The biggest factor in starting the day off with the right steps is getting the proper protein and fats in your body. This is what’s going to give you sustained energy, mental clarity, health and help shed the unwanted fat.


Before I get into giving some awe-inspiring tasty ideas and recipes, your going to ask ‘how do I make time to do this’. Well… make time. Plain and simple, you cant expect to have better health, enjoy each day and have a better looking body by keeping the same habits and behaviors you have now. Get up 15 min earlier, or prepare the night before.

Try one of these Fat Loss power breakfasts:


  • Steak and almonds
  • Turkey and Brazil Nuts
  • Chicken breasts and Hazelnuts
  • Lamb cutlets and pistachios
  • Venison and Cashews
  • Kangaroo and macadamias
  • Turkey and walnuts.
  • Egg-Spinach-mushroom muffin.
  • Turkey, blueberries and almonds.
  • Mexican Omelette
  • Chicken Meatballs with cashews and peach
  • Macadamia nuts with 2 poached eggs
  • Protein shake with berries and nuts
  • Protein pancake with pecans and kiwifruit


For the beginning of the year you might have the aspiration and goals to lose a few kilos, look better on the beach or have boundless energy each day. The simple truth is, if your behaviours and actions don’t match what you are striving for, your not going to succeed. Simple tool to use, is that after setting down your goals, also write out what you need to do for that to happen. What habits do you need to create?


If your wanting to look and feel better, then having a healthy breakfast every day is going to be on that list.


Where Are My Carbs & Breakfast?


For the majority of people, I recommend you go for 2-4 weeks with bringing your carbs for breakfast ti just protein and fats, that work wonders in the Meat And Nut format.


Then using fruits such as berries, pears, apples and kiwi to give more nutrients, antioxidants and fiber.


You can also use the Fat Loss Breakfast Smoothie that you can get by Clicking HERE.


Using oats, muesli, breads and grains for breakfast is not recommended at this point.


Once your lean, and body fat levels are lower, you are then able to start introducing these foods for beter fat burning effect.


But its safe to say, that its not time for us to go there, but I will be covering this for you soon.


You are steam rolling your way to burning more fat every second of the day using the 4 steps I have given you so far.



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