Standing in a conference hall in Bangkok, I had 3 or 4 people tell me in the last half an hour that I have to meet Alon Shabo…

Finally, I ran into him and we get chatting, and immediately realise that I love who he is, what he’s doing and has a lot of great value to share.

Being truly authentic, and having a track record of real life experience that does involve the up’s and downs (that you’ll learn about in this episode).  I knew I had to bring on Alon to share with you not only his story that will inspire and educate you to make smarter decisions.

You are going to learn a proven path of what actions you need to be taking to go from where you are right now to the person and successes you want to achieve.

Hit play on this episode and soak it all in.

Really looking forward to you tuning into this episode and asking all your questions in the Fitness Business Success Circle.