These 5 common mistakes I see beginner and experienced personal trainers are making that crush your business.


How I screwed up big time, and it took a while for the realisation to hit, and then even longer to find out how to fix it.


Sure you can coast on doing “alright” as a personal trainers, getting a few clients on board, and having an OK income each week. But the stress of clients falling off the books, trying to juggle all the work and then trying to have some security with a steady pay.

Its the common stumbling block so many Personal Trainers make is that 15-20 sessions a week, where the pay is ok when you get it, but you can never count on it.  I was in this position and have seen countless trainers do the exact same thing.

When you really boil it down, its not that great of income when all the expenses and taxes go out – but trainers are notorious for not thinking like that. The usual success calculation for a personal trainer goes “how many sessions did I do, and multiple that by dollars per session”.

The rent for the gym, taxes, your other business out-goings and then how much it costs to live your lifestyle have to go into the equation just for a start.

Putting you in the position where you have a full-book of clients, more clients are coming to you each week, your charging top dollar per session and then even able to bring on trainers to work for you, or expand to opening your own gym or facility or even taking your business online.

The mistakes I made helped me become a better trainer and businessman.  So learn from my mistakes and fast track your own success.


Problem 1 – Not having the hustle


You can build yourself to the point where your clients are in select time blocks, and you can have the other time for your own training, business development and down time for yourself, family and friends.

This comes only once you have built your reputation, built your business to grow and have clients coming to you, and charging a premium where just a few sessions can bring thousands of dollars.

Floating around the gym, not connecting with potential client,s not following through on the business building or marketing, not scrubbing up to write and develop better training programs, diets or business systems.

If you want to be an average trainer, earning a mediocre average income – get off this website, my stuff is not for you.  This is ONLY for trainers that want to be world-class, doing whats needed to then enjoy creating results with their clients, and the benefits of a successful business and lifestyle.

You need to put the work in and take action. Execution – is what its about and this is why I’m here giving you this. To give you the insights, the advice and guidance, and then you are the one thats needs to pull the trigger on it.

If you need more help, or to have the exact plan of what to do, then the coaching and course is there for you to follow and get the results just like all the other trainers have made for themselves.


Problem 2 – Trying to train everyone 


Trying to be the answer to everyone, means you will be the answer to no one.

You will fail away in the abyss of crappy trainers that are just taking on clients that pass the “do you have a heart beat and credit card”.  You NEED to specialise and be the answer to the problem for a very select group.

If you’re working at a gym, you’re all wearing the same uniform – you all blend together.  However, if you could differentiate yourself and have all gym members, even the people in your target market you’re going for know that ‘you are the answer’ – you are the “go to” trainer… you will be flooded with clients for life.

  • Pre and Post natal
  • Fat Loss
  • Comp Prep
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Rehabilitation
  • Muscle Building

What is your speciality?

Funny thing is, how many times have you seen trainer bios list all of the above… There is NO way you can specialise in all of those, and neither would you want to.

You want to attract and be magnetic to the right people, and you want to be repusilivp to the wrong people.

Here is an example:

If your a female fat loss specialist. You know exactly who your target market is, where you can ge in front of them, what their interests are, what the problems are, how to provide the best solutions to get them results, their certain ‘language’ to use with your marketing… and so much more.

Your business changes to suit the people you are trying to serve, your packages, programs and business model holds to suit them and to give you the best profits.


Problem 3 – Not having a Unique Specialty

Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what build upon the last point that you and your business needs.

How can you have a certain Big Idea, a certain Hook or Big Promise that you have that when your potential client finds out, is drawn to you and instantly knows your the answer.

This is so important because watching the trainers that go through this in the first week of “6 Figure PT” they instantly know how to take action from there and their reputation and client number boom.

Creating and honing in your USP isn’t going to take 5min of thinking.  its a task where you need to sit down and out the time in, research your amrkets, research what your copeitiors are doing, find out what you’re good at, bad at and what your passion is.

It changes as you evolve as a persona and as a trainer, but this message of what your USP is should always flow through your marketing.  Its the perfect bait for the perfect client you want.


Problem 4 – Not Selling

You’re a personal trainer, not a salesman… I get it, and I’ve heard it a thousand times.  Even saying that to myself when i first started and it was always an excuse.

Selling is not a bad thing, and someone saying no, isn’t them saying no to you as a person, its an objection about something else about it. Don’t take it personally, because its not.

You have to understand, if you are a good trainer, you provide value, you get results… you have the ethical responsibility to sell yourself, so that you can get your potentials clients results, and solve their problems.

if you feel bad about selling yourself, it could be because you’re trying to overprice yourself, or you’re not confident in what you do – then you need to fix those problems. Not blame ‘selling’ and have your business collapse from underneath you form lack of clients.

Having a simple sales process is critical so that you can follow the simple steps that answers the question, make sure the potential client is right, and take care of all issues before starting.  That way your client will follow you and program, get results, refer you more clients and build your reputation.

The simple formula and steps to take through can be a quick and easy 4-step process that I show to my Pro Circle and 7-Figure PT members.

Spend time on having this in place, and then it becomes like clock work.


Problem 5 – Not focussing on what “really” counts

For any client to come on board with you, they need to know you, like you and trust you that you can get them the results they want.

the first step is talking to them, and so they know you.  With the online marketing methods so easily available, this step can be done without being face to face.  But when you are in the gym you must get talking and help people out.

Showing them that your a decent, likeable person is a bare minimum, and then extending that you know your craft and have the skills to coach them properly by helping them out.  Not everyone is going to covert to clients but thats not the point.

Focus on people and giving value.  It all comes down to this whether your growing an online or face to face personal training business. Your reputation will grow and when you nail Problems 2 and 3 above with this, you are going to watch your client book fill up and profits skyrocket.

Only because I’ve seen how when all of those points come together when you use them that are so powerful in being the ‘steps’ needed to grow your fitness business.

Now, I want to make sure I’m giving you everything you need to build the fitness business success that you are here for.


Thats why I’m giving you a Pro Circle insider Online Workshop right here:

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