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Flow State and Psychedelics With Jiro Taylor

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

This is episode is very personal to me... Let me be honest. There's been an itch of a question that has been consuming me. And its been; How do I become the best version of me...? truly start living and serving more. step up and stop thinking small. go through each day [...]

Fitness Business Success Principles with Phil Graham

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

What are the SECRETS to building a successful fitness business..? This is a common question that gets asked... And, the truth is... There are NO secrets. And this is exactly why I had to share this interview with Phil Graham. Phil is a coach and man I highly respect and enjoy the such great quality [...]

How To Create a $100k+ Online Fitness Program

By |How To Start A Personal Training Business, Online Marketing and Fitness Business, Personal Trainer Business Marketing|

Do you want to create more freedom in your fitness business…? Or, break free from the time-for-money trap that so many personal trainers fall into? This episode is for the health professional that wants to grow either a 1) Online fitness business, or 2) Have an online side business to their face-to-face coaching. As, lets [...]

Money, Impact And Freedom With the RIGHT Business Model

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

It’s all a lie – Your personal training business model that you are working so hard at, and is the foundation of your future and success is a dying model. There’s a better and easier way… If you’re frustrated from trying everything you’ve been told to from your PT certifications, and following the ‘guru’ advice,, [...]

Why You Need To Know Your Values

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

This episode is a sneak peak behind-the-scenes into one of our Fitness Business Breakthrough masterminds we've just held. More importantly: You're going to discover how to attract your PERFECT client. And, it's one of the very first steps we work through with every client so you are crystal clear on what your values are. As [...]

The Real Truth To Starting Your Online Business with Ed Dale

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Do you want the shortcut to building your online business..? There’s a good chance, that it’s an obvious YES. And thats exactly why I bring on Ed Dale, who I’ve personally learnt so much from. So when it comes to you being able to get your first clients online, to then having a steady flow [...]

How to Hire your VA with Louis Lautman

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Do you feel like there are 101 things you have to do each day..? Your to-do list is constantly growing and you know your not getting the most important things done that REALLY grow your business..? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. Ive been there, and it’s not fun. We can easily take on too [...]

The Truths In HOW To Get The Body You Want with Craig Harper

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

This was such an amazing and eye-opening interview I had to share it with you... This was originally recorded for the My Body Blends podcast, but you being a health and fitness business owner means you need get your clients the best results. And this is where Craig Harper gives you the straight up truths that [...]

From Bar Man to Bali

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

The last 3 years have been nothing short of AMAZING... I'm writing this for you sitting on a balcony overlooking Echo Beach here in Canggu after flying back last night from a few weeks in Australia. But let's be honest. It's NOT being sunshine and rainbows over the last few years to be sitting here [...]

Part 4: 6-Figure Fitness Business Series

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

One of the best questions trainers and coaches ask is… “How do I go from where I am now, to earning over $100,000 a year and not stressing about how to get more clients?” Whether you’re a trainer, coach, or health professional. You’re probably here because you want to start or grow a fitness business [...]