How can you get more clients and have more sales… all on Auto-Pilot?

This episode I bring on Barry Moore (legend) to deep dive with me in how Marketing Automation for your fitness business will take your profits, sales and business building ease to a new level.

Step by step we dissect how email marketing, and the tech-tools that scare so many people can be easily used and put into your business to boom growth straight away.



Show Notes:

0:38 Episode intro
5:15 Who is Barry and why he’s so phenomenal
6:17 What is marketing automation
11:11 The nitty gritty details of sales funnels
12:54 Should you drive your visitors to a sales page or a sales squeeze page
16:44 Why it’s important to know your customer’s lifetime value
19:12 Why paid traffic is still a viable traffic option
21:44 The tools for the trade
24:20 Would Active Campaign be the best tool for you?
28:04 How and where you should start out with your automation system
31:58 Conditional content – what are they?
33:34 Opt in tool – Barry’s recommendation
37:07 Where to find Barry
38:40 Closing words


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