How can you “truly” fast-track your business success?

Marketing, and money mind-set for the real world trainer and coach to get noticed and grow a booming fitness business.

…you have to take responsibility for your results, your business, your happiness, your success.

And that is why I bring on Annemarie Cross in this episode to have you developing, improving and growing yourself as a person and entrepreneur.



Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro
3:25 Who is Annemarie Cross and what does she do
5:31 What coaches are doing wrong
9:14 How to better yourself with your external voices
13:47 How to improve your belief and mindset about yourself
15:49 Start challenging your beliefs
19:15 How to rewrite your story
23:38 Belief vs self worth
26:32 How to get paid a premium
30:44 Key strategies to attract new clients
36:41 Where to find Anne
37:31 Closing words


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