What I am about to share with you could completely turn your business around and have you signing on new clients each week.

This is a big promise… I know.

But, this is exactly what trainers and coaches are using within the first weeks of the 90-Day Sprint to quickly grow their online and face-to-face fitness businesses.

Thats why, I want to ask you;

Whats the quickest, cheapest AND easiest way to get more personal training clients?


And, thats why if you add this one process that I’m going to walk you through now.  

It’s going to stop you from chasing new clients… and have them coming to you.

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The reason this is one of the first steps to quickly growing a fitness business is because, there are only three ways to grow your business:

1. Increase the number of clients (more clients).

2. Increase the average transaction (charge more).

3. Increase the frequency that the average client buys from you (they pay more often. I.e. train more often with you).

So what you’re going to have by the end of this article is a step-by-step guide to focusing on point getting more leads and signing on more clients.

Its said that 92% of people are relying on the opinions of family and friends to make their purchasing decisions, banking on attracting potential clients through your marketing efforts alone simply isn’t a sound strategy. 

The health and fitness world has never been the way it is now.  

And what I’ll be covering in depth in an upcoming episode is the “over 80% of fitness business won’t be around in 2 years”.  So its time to take advantage of this new era, to get yourself and your business in doing the few simple things right.  

This is how smart trainers and coaches build successful businesses.

Now, before we delve any deeper. let’s cover the #1 secret to make a referral engine work:

Deliver great results and value!

This may be a “no brainer” but be sure to create the best fitness programs and service as you can 1) get the best results with clients 2) not have you time be sucked away with “un-needed” work and 3) maximise your profits to maximise your impact.

STEP 1: Build Referrals Into Agreements.

Ever client relationship should begin with an agreement.  Starting with the promise that you make to your clients to ensure they get the results with you.  

But also to make sure that they follow through with whats needed so they do get the results.

While it’s clear that agreements play a huge role in maintaining a positive relationship between both parties, did you ever stop to think that there could be an opportunity to propose referrals during this time?

Although it may seem premature to suggest referrals before you’ve even done any work for the client, this approach aims to illustrate your dedication to their success.

To ensure that your client feels comfortable with giving such endorsements, you have to be careful about how you frame the request. In the words of referral coach Bill Cates, “For a good referral, value must be given and value must be recognized.”

Once you set that groundwork, as long as you are delivering on promise… you can ask for your referrals.

The example of when I first learned of this technique was with a dentist.

He said to every new patient; “a part of you being a patient here is that you refer 2 other friends or family”.

This is pretty cocky right?

But, it sets the expectation and when he delivers on giving his clients everything they want.  They are more than happy to bring in referrals.

STEP 2: Is It Worth Your Clients Effort?

You must have an incentive worthy enough for your clients to go to any effort for you.

When I first started my online personal training.  My incentive was given in the very first email.  

“For every person you refer to me that signs up, I would love to give you 1 FREE month of coaching.

So, if you refer just 12 people on board.  You’re going to get ONE YEARS FREE coaching with me”

(Feel free to steal and copy that for your own right now)

Once you’ve crafted the incentive and reward for your clients to sing your praises, its time for step #3…

STEP 3 & 4: Take All The Hassle Out and Flip It Around

(I’m mashing 3 and 4 together, as you’ll see why in a second)

When asking for referrals, it’s important that you’re mindful of how busy your clients are (that’s why they hired you in the first place, right?)

Rather than ask and hope that they find the time to follow through, be more proactive in your approach by eliminating some of the heavy lifting for them. 

Trusted sales advisor Rick Roberge suggests that you make it painfully easy for your existing clients to initiate referrals by providing them with a template for doing so. 

Here’s a sample email that I found of Rick’s (with a few tweaks I made to suit us fitness pro’s):

Hey [Client First Name],

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been working with [Your Name] for a few months. The other day, I was talking with him about the changes and results I’ve made already, and I realized that I should put you two together. So…

[Referral – First Name], meet [Trainer Name, with a website or LinkedIn profile URL].

[Trainer Name], meet [Referral – First Name, with a LinkedIn profile URL].

[Trainer Name] is happy to give you a consult that he normally charges for $90 for free as I’m sending you to him.

Can I leave the rest to you guys?

Talk to you both later.

“After sending this template, I usually check in a week or two later with my customer and ask — gently — if they sent it out. If they haven’t, I reply that it’s no problem, and then I do not ask again,” he explains.

What you are doing is STEP 4 and that is “flipping it around”. You don’t ask her for a favor. You DO her a favor. You create something very valuable that SHE can give to her friends and associates, and they will be delighted to get it. And this something is limited and unique and only available to her associates because of her relationship with you.

Next, make it easy for her. You take all the work off of your client’s plate. You will send this thing to her friends/associates with a note explaining it came from her as a gift. All she has to do is give you names and contact details.

When some of these friends tell her how much they appreciated her “gift,” she is only going to be more driven to refer more clients to you.  This is how you create evangelists.

To really make this strategy work, follow these 2 steps:

1 – Firstly, make sure you give something of high value that is going to suit your ideal prospect.

2 – Be sure that this is the perfect pre-step to what they need to before signing on as your client.

STEP 5: Stay Top Of Mind With Your Clients

It’s easy to be swept up with putting to much effort into social media and losing sight with the power of email.

To many personal trainers don’t use email, or even are building an email list that will help expand their reach and audience.

This is also why Step #6 is using social media the right way… But lets first get straight into the personal inbox of your clients and prospects.

Provide boat loads of value on top of just the sessions and programs you deliver to your clients.

Use email to give them links, articles, episodes and more that will give them the education, inspiration and motivation to get results.

STEP 6: Use Social Media To Create A Huge (and focussed) Reach

The power of ‘social proof’ is where you can show the world that you have the expertise and experience that gets your clients results.

I’m always amazed of when we run social posts that are testimonials and have an easy call to action with it.  That there are a flow of new leads coming through that are a direct effect of that one post.

You can do a short video for your website, youtube, Facebook or even instagram that is of your clients workout.

Or even a snapshot and update of your clients results. 

This shows the real results, with the real people that you are producing. 

Focus on posting helpful, useful content on one or two social media platforms where your ideal client is already present and interacting. 

STEP 7:  Use Multiple Methods

Now its time to use multiple touch points to best help your clients bring in referrals.

This is where the rule of 3 comes in. 

An example of is:

1. Tell your clients about the referral program and how it works. This could be in your first consultation or session.

2. Send them an email with a reminder.  You can also include the template as we talked about above.

3. Send an SMS to follow up and check in.

Just don’t do it all at once.

Avoid being annoying and just sprinkle the 3 steps around the best times to follow up with it.

When using this along with having Steps #5 and #6 in place, you will have an easy way that this turns into a system and not a random “to-do” that you have to try and remember.

Building Your Fitness Business FAST With Referrals

It’s now time for you to put this into action…

Choose one of the steps above and put it into the system of how you run your business.

Don’t try to use all 7 steps straight away… as this is just going to lead to overwhelm and paralysis.

If you want to have the best next steps so you can build your fitness business watch the full workshop fro free by clicking here.