Simple Fitness Business Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers

that works

…not even two years ago I would have thought this was a pipe dream of an idea.

After being able to learn from the “best in the business” I want to bring you the same insights and advice that I’ve been able to use, and thats why I have brought Tim Ried on with me in this episode.

Unveiling how to use your personality in your marketing, what is effective and what isn’t, and what is going to give you the best results for new clients and customers.

Plug this episode in-between your ears and use the insights to build the business thats going to feed the lifestyle you really want to live.



Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro
5:10 Who is Tim Reid?
6:24 Three limiting beliefs that hinders great marketing?
8:24 How to put your personality in your marketing
12:07 Tim’s spin on helpful marketing
13:13 The opposite of helpful marketing
16:25 Why you shouldn’t expect quick results with helpful marketing
17:02 How to get your content out in the world?
19:40 Efficient vs effective
20:03 What gives you the biggest bang for your buck?
22:12 Business building idea for a fitness trainer
24:58 Where to find Tim
25:43 Closing words

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