Copy these 5 steps to grow your list to 10,000+ followers

…and then with up-coming episodes, I want to delve in deep to show you the simple ways to be able to turn your followers and importantly your email list into customers, clients and sales.

This isn’t about just your Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform… this includes the powerhouse that you NEED to focus on and that is building your email list.

Cutting to the chase, and clearing out the confusion so you can grow your personal training business or online fitness business.

…Sink your teeth into this episode and copy these steps for your own success.



Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro
4:08 Opinions
5:28 What are your true assets online
8:30 Why you need to get your content out there
9:43 Content is still King!
11:09 Where to start
11:51 Your social media accounts is not your pllatform
13:21 Know, like and trust factor
16:32 Strategy #1 Quality content
18:09 Strategy #2 – Dedicated list building
20:44 Strategy #3 Where to put opt ins?
22:25 Strategy #4 – Be the solution
25:13 Get your minimum viable product
25:41 Strategy #6 – Create relationships
30:16 Take ACTION!


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