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In this episode I bring on Dan Norris which has a ‘unique’ take that will rock your socks when it comes to whats possible, the business ideas and models you should and shouldn’t be using and how to grow a following and turn them into your customers and clients.

Just check over the show notes below and you’ll see some “must listen” to advice…

…keep asking the questions you want to find out and I’ll keep delivering for you.



Show Notes:

0:36 Episode intro
5:06 Who is Dan Norris
6:12 Content is a long term investment
7:44 WordPress trivia
8:18 What went wrong with Dan’s previous businesses
9:45 How Dan manages his people
12:22 What do business owners fail to do that can cause their failure
18:03 How to keep your clients
19:52 Why Dan doesn’t like “community type” business model
22:04 How to reduce your client churn
23:19 How to focus on the right thing at the right time
25:39 The one metric you should be looking at
27:22 Worse case scenario
28:21 Podcasts you should listen to
29:43 Key points you need to do with your site
31:38 Closing words

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