The One Focus  to Build Your Business with the Mr. Miyagi of content… John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur On Fire is one of the hottest (excuse the pun) podcasts in the charts, and I’m bringing you John Lee Dumas on in this episode as he is producing a 7-day a week podcast when he was told “it could never be done”.

Unveiling and lifting the truths up on how he has come about to building a list of ravings fans, and turning that following into a thriving business.

You need to get this episode in-between your ears and get ready to take action on what we have for you here…



Show Notes:

0:40 Episode intro
5:24 Brief intro of who is John Lee Dumas
6:38 John’s different careers before Entrepreneur On Fire
8:00 The big leap
9:17 John’s journey and his principle of “1 inch wide, 1 mile deep”
12:06 How to dominate your niche
12:49 Why is podcasting crucial and a must for entrepreneurs
15:02 What John learned from 900 or so interviews
17:23 Top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail
19:33 The action that gave John the greatest success
20:55 John’s secret email tool
22:30 Critical habits you should have
25:37 John’s definition of happiness
26:14 What is John grateful for?
26:37 What makes John phenomenal?
27:54 Where else to find John
29:21 Final words


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