So you want more followers?

And to turn these followers into raving fans that buy everything you have?

In this episode, I bring on Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine that literally breaks down step-by-step what you need to be doing to grow your following and especially on Instagram.

PLUS… he unveils what his sales funnel looks like so you can start growing your business today



0:38 Episode intro

4:50 Who is Nathan Chan?

8:07 The story behind Foundr Magazine

10:11 The mediums that worked

10:39 What Nathan does best

13:20 Growing a huge following by repurposing existing content

14:44 Key things to grow your Instagram following

21:48 How often should you post on Instagram?

24:19 Know your target audience

24:54 Shoutout for shoutout – share for share

27:45 Monetization and list building tips

35:36 The Evergreen Funnel

41:36 Where to learn more about Nathan





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