There is no doubt…

Jordan Harbinger is is going to give you the straight up truths in this episode.

Discover how not to be a douche-bag, and just develop real relationships.  Where so many people kill their possibilities to ‘rubbing shoulders’ with the elite cliques and influencers, you see first hand what you need to be doing.

PLUS… we delve into the deep and meaningful of ‘changing the story in your head’ to change your life.

This is a topic I’ve been thinking a lot on, and how I see this as a crux of so many failing with either their business or their body.

If you’re like me… you will love this episode.



0:38 Episode intro

4:14 Who is Jordan Harbinger?

5:20 Jordan’s definition of networking

11:00 How to break into elite cliques and influencers?

13:16 How to be really helpful

21:48 Find out how you can help other people

24:22 How to help people change the stories inside their head?

31:40 Where to learn more about Jordan



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