Do you want to NOT worry about money or getting to work today?


Learn why in this episode how James Schramko has built a business that allows him to surf everyday.

…and how you can too.

Even if surfing isn’t your thing, building your Online Business to give you the money, freedom and lifestyle you want means you need to set it up right.

In this episode you are going to learn why so many online business’s fail, and why you can stay trapped in a ‘job’ even though you think you’re a business owner and entrepreneur.


0:38 Episode intro

4:45 Who is James Schramko

7:39 James’ goal – build a business that allows him to surf everyday

8:14 Key steps in starting Super Fast Business

12:35 Why you shouldn’t focus all efforts on social media

16:50 What is syndication and how it works?

21:04 Why James shuns from Linkedin or Pinterest

24:24 How often should you look at your analytics

25:47 Common problems when creating a recurring income model

30:26 What is an effective subscription program

31:08 Why should you go to the Super Fast Business Live

34:41 Closing words