You asked for it, so here it is…


We are peeling back the curtains and giving the insights into how my own fitness business runs, and with my top online personal trainer who is a leading coach in the UK as well.

I bring on Gavin my ‘point man’ to walk you through how to get the best results with your online personal training clients.

STOP making the common mistakes that kill online fitness businesses that we see happen everyday, and discover how to step up to be a leading coach that has unlimited clients and charging what you are worth.


0:38 Episode intro

5:17 Who is Gavin Attore?

8:05 The turning point and Gavin’s aha moment

10:03 The secret to getting good results

11:54 Avoid getting the short cuts and quick fixes

19:23 Communicating in the online world

21:45 Common mistakes trainers make

25:06 Using carbs in the right way

28:30 The challenge with getting started

30:32 Meal plan, lifestyle, and the real life

34:48 Where to learn more about Gavin