Do you want more confidence, charisma and the strong self esteem that impresses others?


…there is no doubt that developing ‘you’, and growing your charisma can go a long way with your business and success.

From making great first impressions, having others like you, and just not being a ‘douche bag’ you are going to take away key insights that will  improve your life personally and professionally.

Charlie is a top class guy and you are going to learn why I’ve got a bromance with him, and why his business is thriving whilst him and Ben travel the world (learn who Ben is in the episode).



0:38 Episode intro

4:55 Who is Charlie Houpert

6:16 What is charisma?

7:18 Confidence vs self esteem

9:51 How acceptance and honesty builds self esteem

11:07 Confidence and self esteem in business negotiations

12:54 The secrets to delivering an effective presentation

15:55 Public speaking – how to make it flow smoothly

20:09 Demystifying Charlie’s chosen lifestyle

21:52 Charlie’s business design

23:30 The deciding point – what matters in life

24:30 Stumblingblocks and challenges in the business

26:58 The expert’s point of view

27:48 What to look forward from Charlie and Ben in 2016

28:44 Quote: “Figure out what works and do more of it.”

30:27 The end product

31:56 What makes Charlie brilliant?

34:24 Where to learn more about Charlie Houpert


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