Finally, its here…

The truth behind brain nutrition and supplements.

Dr Andrew Hill comes on with me this episode to showcase to you the power behind making small but needed changes for boosting your brain power.

From memory, to creativity and focus, you will walk away from todays episode smarter.

Squashing the lies with brain supplements and common mistakes so many make with brain training apps and ‘fads’, your brain health can dramatically change from what you use from todays episode.



0:38 Episode intro

5:26 Who is Andrew Hill and what makes him phenomenal

6:47 The sexy side of being a neuroscientist

10:32 The truth behind cognitive training apps

15:18 How to train and prepare your child

17:12 Expose your kids to a rich and diverse environment

17:37 The nutrition and supplementation side

18:54 Brain health foods and diet

25:40 Andrew’s take on Ketones and ketosis

29:06 Supplements for brain health

33:07 Points to consider when crafting your strategy

35:58 The best strategy – pick things that have proven reputation of efficacy and safety

38:14 Beware of the buzzword proprietary blends an ingredients

39:15 The mechanisms behind TruBrain

46:54 The next best step for you

48:12 What mindfulness is and what it is not

53:25 Where to learn more about Andrew


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