Have you thought about running fitness retreats before?


…Want to add 10’s of $1000s to your profits by delivering a top tier experience that transforms your clients bodies and lives.


I bring on Candice Strybos that will walk you through the major steps for you to add Fitness Retreats into your business, or make it your sole focus.


Step by step you are going to have the proven insights that are working for trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs world wide.


Luckily, I get see Candice at our favorite café here in Bali every week, and now you get her giving you the action plan for a lucrative business.




0:38 Episode intro

5:46 Who is Candice?

6:36 How Candice got started with business

7:27 Fitness retreats – what you need to do

9:59 Common hurdles of the fitness business

11:40 #1 Payment plans

19:53 #2 Play on your own strengths

21:21 How to make things even better

24:23 How to identify the needs

25:54 The power of testimonials

28:07 Three questions you need to ask

32:36 Where to learn more from Candice