How to easily have the steps in place to turn your followers into customers…


This is exactly what I am going to show you in this episode.

No more confusion about what to do, or frustration of spending endless hours and it not working and converting any sales for you.

In this episode, I go into a full deep dive to give you the easy-to-use training on; what a sales funnel is, and how to turn it into an engine that gives you new sales and customers each day.


0:38 Episode intro

3:14 How to create an engine for your business

4:02 What’s a sales funnel?

5:20 Need a sample? – check Facebook

7:12 Evaluate your sales funnel ROI

10:012 Content is still king

11:01 Don’t forget – your website is your main platform

12:22 Build authority with the content you produce

12:32 Video vs Text which one should you use?

14:41 Delivering your content through email marketing 16:04 Behavioral emails

19:13 Showcase your testimonials

20:10 Invest in a marketing software

21:37 The welcome email 22:42 Microwave sequence

23:25 Learn about what your audience wants – do a survey

23:53 Showcase your services and products

24:35 Reengagement sequence – why it’s good when people unsubscribe from your list

25:55 Closing words