3 Powerful Fat Loss Supplements


That is not the usual weight loss pills… 


There are no fat burners, or over-hyped supplements in this list.


What I am going to give you is the real deal on what your body needs, and what it doesn’t for fat loss.


Supplements are a minefield, and often times its you falling prey to good marketing, and just being unaware of what you REALLY need that have you throwing your money away.


Its also important, that I have purposeully put this factor at number 8, because I have given you 7 powerful fat loss steps that you are using to watch fat fall off week to week.


This is the cherry on the top, and something that can now be included in your fat loss arsenal as you have the important steps in use.


What you need is specific for yourself.


The biggest bang for your buck supplements need to address first off what your body is lacking in and stopping you from having the great body.


I will find out through simple testing and blood work what will give you the best results.


We will look over such things as:


  • Zinc levels
  • Magnesium
  • Fasted Glucose and Insulin
  • D3
  • Thyroid levels
  • General health markers
  • Hormonal balance


These 3 fat loss supplements are not your fads, voodoo or snake oils.  There probably not even what you think they might be.


This is because I want to give you what YOUR body needs, and when following the simple steps in this 9 Secret Steps To Fat Loss series, this adds the kicker for fast fat loss.



The 3 Fat Loss Supplements That Work


  1. Omega 3’s
  2. Greens Drink
  3. Protein Powder


I always recommend that the quality of your supplements are high.  Don’t try to save a couple of dollars by going a cheaper version.  The rule of thunb wih suppelemnts and nutritiotinal products I you get what you pay for.


Cheaper products have cheap fillers, fewer active ingredients and poorer quality active ingredients.


Omega 3’s For Fat Loss


This vital fat is needed to help ignite the process of fat burning, and help avoid fat gain.


There is a huge list of health benefits that also come with omega 3’s but the truth is, you want to look good in and out of cliehts, and this will help.


I recommend either of these two products for fish oils.


Thorne FX Fish Oil

Poliquin EPA/DHA


Greens Drinks For Fat Loss


Giving you a powerful ounch of nutrients along with helping aliklise your body is important in th stressful, nutrient zapping lives we live.


This is super easy to have which can go down first thing in the morning as I do.  Or with dinner… or both.


My priority is to give you great health, and I know this makes a huge impact for that.  I also know that when you start using a greens drink, that you will help faster fat loss, that will also last for longer.


This drink below that I recommend not only tastes really good, its loaded with the vitamins and nutrients you need.


Protein Powder


Most people don’t think of protein powder for fat loss, but as you know from the steo #2 HERE getting enough protein in each day is crucuial for fat loss.


And the fact is, it can be help having one meal a day being a protein drink, and also using it as a post weight training shake.


I have recommended two products below, the first is one a brown rice sourced protein.  I usually start all clients off with this, to help see if their bodies do better with a non-diary based protein.


This is what I recommend for you.


If you handle diary with no problems.  Meaning you don’t get gassy, bloasted of gut issues, then a whey protein can be a great option for you.


Use these 3 supplements to help fuel fat loss


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